Monday, December 13, 2010

Magic Mushroom

©Andy Warhol

The illustration is in accordance with an internet tradition begun by Mark Evanier, the author of two highly-recommended websites, POVonline and NewsFromME.

My pre-holiday schedule is heavy and somewhat erratic, and for the past two weeks I've been fighting a cold, or flu, or bubonic plague... some damned thing. Hence the Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup can, pictured above.

Hm. Maybe if I ate the soup, it would help?

Anyway, fellow babies... See ya when I see ya.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Perhaps you have been fighting a cold and flu and plague. Us men are brave little soldiers aren't we.

  2. One has to be brave to put on a Zorro costume occasionally, doesn't one?

  3. nice. just on the tail end of a head cold myself...after about 2 weeks...hope you feel better...

  4. Not the Cream of Mushroom! All that cream will only clog you up worse. Get some real chicken soup; I swear that stuff'll cure anything, but especially colds and flu (and maybe even pneumonia). And homemade is the best way to get it.

  5. Hope you feel better! Thanks for the nice e mail note.


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