Saturday, April 28, 2012

After the Fox

Hello, fellow babies! A very brief -- especially for me -- explanation of "where I've been." (Boring, too!) I'm having computer issues, and have no working internet connection at home. This is unlikely to change at any time in the near future. My computer time, formerly almost unlimited, is now severely limited to the whims of the public library and the occasional good graces of a friend!

And this, right after I was getting back into the swing of things following a two-month sabbatical! Needless to say, I'm somewhat demoralized in terms of writing in general. I can't even keep up with emails, never mind reading and commenting on my favorite blogs.

Now I know how Charlie Brown felt every time Lucy pulled that effin' football out of his way whenever he attempted to kick it!

I'm going to try -- TRY -- to throw a post on this blog once in a while, but don't hold your breath.

(And give yourself a biiiiig pat on the back if you know where I got the title for today's post!)

Thanks for your time.
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