Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When the World Is Your Oyster...

The great thing about having your own blog is that you can pretty much post any darned thing that you want. On The Lair of the Silver Fox (I'd link to it, but... you're already there!) that can mean anything from personal anecdotes, to "serious" fiction, to pop-cultural spotlights, to... well, you name it. 

Like, right now, for instance, I'm currently drafting an analysis of why Star Trek's Captain James T. Kirk was such a hit with the ladies.

I'll let you know if I... errr... come up with anything.

(For similarly sophomoric observations, click here and/or here, fellow babies.)

Thanks for your time.


  1. hahahaha I always wondered why they called him Woody. Guess now I know.

    Yes I can attest, one can say whatever they want whether its crap or their best.

    Took me a moment to notice what you were getting at with the Kirk pic too..haha

  2. @Pat: Orson wanted me to relay a message to Orlin: "If you write all the It's Rhyme Time posts, why does that Pat guy take credit for 'em in the sidebar? It don't seem fair!"

  3. OMG~ I am so cracking up! If I had seen this side of Cpt. Kirk before...maybe even I would have fallen! lol

  4. Orlin: "I let Pat have a little bit of attention as after all I get the big picture up top. Plus Pat does write for that Drazin fellow. but thanks for the notice, one day I'll kick him off completely."

  5. Kung-fu? Pshaw. Taekwondo? Pfft. Kirk-do wins. Before anyone even KNEW what winning was. ;)


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