Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Who Knows What eBay Lurks in the Hearts of Men?"

Okay, fellow babies, here is (probably) the last post I'll be doing related to my dealings on eBay circa 2003-2004. But it's not an old listing of mine. Instead, it's comprised of someone else's eBay auction listing, which I forwarded to a friend only after having added my own comments!

A very quick explanation here... although someday I may do a lengthy piece on this subject. (You've been warned.). I am a very big fan of the various incarnations of The Shadow, a character who had a long run in the pulp magazines of the 1930s & 1940s, and an equally long life as a program during the Golden Days of Radio. In the years since then, he's branched out to comic books, motion picture serials & feature films, comic strips, paperback novels, and -- IIRC -- an ill-fated TV show pilot in the late 1950s!

Yeah. Someday I may do a lengthy piece about The Shadow. Hm.

So anyway, here's the unedited text of the original auction -- which, I stress, was not written by yours truly -- but with my own smartass comments added in green text here and there! And keep in mind this was actually emailed to a friend of mine, so its tone may be a bit more conversational than you might expect.

*  *  *  *  *

I don't have the photo (if there was one) from
the original auction listing, but this is the issue of
The Shadow which the seller had up for sale!

Up for auction I have one pulp fiction Shadow. It is The Keeper's Gold. It is dated October 15, 1937. This is one of numerous pulp fiction books I found that belonged to my grandfather. The condition is ok (I know nothing about this stuff). When I say ok, I mean that the pages are all there, you can read them all, the cover and binding are in tact. (Hmm. I've spoken with tact, but in tact? Whuzzat? Or maybe he meant that the cover & binding are in a tact -- whatever "a tact" might be -- rather than a plastic bag or something similar for protection?) THe cover was in better condition until I accidently ripped it today. (I don't think I would have admitted to having done that. Maybe he should have put it into a plastic bag, instead of in a tact.) It is not ripped in two, but the rip does go about 1/2 way across the bottom half of the cover. Go figure, I will be more careful with the others I list. (I hope so, for his sake. That little rip will cost him approximately $20-40!) Anyway, you could sit back relax and read this without any fear of pages falling out or ripping or anything like that happening. (That's comforting... I wonder if you're protected against tornadoes, floods, and famine, too?) I was stored in an outdoor building (He was? Or do you think he meant "It was stored..."?) so the frays on the corners could be mouse bites. I hate to imagine since mice scare me beyond belief. (Okay, maybe this is a woman...  hope so!)
I took photos of what I thought would be of interest to the buyer, but if you need any additional photos or information drop me and email (I don't know if I'd have the nerve to e-mail him/her after dropping him/her, unless it was to apologize. Seriously, lately I have noticed a lot of people using "and" when they mean "an." And spell-checkers naturally don't catch that error.) and I will be more than happy to provide you with any additional information you may need. I am a novice in this area so I may be way off in what is deemed important in this area. I took the basics, cover, back cover, spine, pages and for this one, the inside front cover so you can see the rip, it is displayed better when looking from behind. (Yeah, I had a girlfriend like that... ) It is hard to detect when the magazine is laying down flat. (Yeah, I had a girlfr... wow, deja vu, man!) 
* * * * *

No further comments necessary!

Thanks for your time.


  1. @Orlando: Thanks. I'm certainly not perfect -- although I'll deny that if you quote me -- and I sometimes stick my neck out when "correcting" others, especially since there are rules I break for the sake of stylistic affectation (well, usually). And of course, I didn't relay my comments to the eBayer himself (or herself).

  2. hahaha the last lines were priceless

    Another fun ebay tale.

  3. haha you had a girlfriend like that once...

  4. @Pat & Brian: At least once, yeah...

  5. Glad to note that you are not a shadow of your former self.


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