Tuesday, May 24, 2011

David'Z RantZ ~~ "...and I'll Say It Again!"

The only "print" newspapers I buy are local newspapers. I get most of my information from a few varied publications which email their headlines to me, while giving me access to their online home pages. Just sayin'.

Anyway, here's a recycled bit -- slightly edited -- from an earlier post about something that still bugs me:

It's becoming annoying that almost every time I read a "newspaper" article (or something similar) online, I get to a really interesting part and find that the article is interrupted by one or more links to what we'll call "pages" for lack of a better term, as well as (usually) a link saying something to the effect of "view all on one page."

Thanks for wasting my time.

Of course I want to view it all on one page. If I wanted to turn pages, as opposed to just scrolling down, I'd be reading a book or a magazine.

Why do they do this? I assume it has something to do with the ubiquitous advertisements in the sidebar. I dunno. (And if you know, clue me in, willya?)

The least they could do is put the link for "view all on one page" at the top of the very first page, as a warning of sorts.

Thanks for your time.


  1. You assume correct about the ads. They do it for two main reasons.

    1. Because it shortens the page, so the ads can be viewed better and people don't have to scroll down to see them. So they can charge more to the advertisers because their ad has more visibility.

    2. They also use google ads and pay per click and crap like that. So say they make you click through to get full screen, someone does it right fast and oops they may have clicked an ad link by mistake. Meaning you just gave them money and there is an off chance you might like what you see and buy it, giving them more money if it's an affiliate ad.

    All about the $$$$, the news is just a backdrop. See the facts is so much better..hahaha

  2. @Pat: I figured it was something like that. Sneaky b@st@rds.

  3. "The least they could do is put the link for "view all on one page" at the top of the very first page, as a warning of sorts."

    --Yes, that would be the best solution, wouldn't it? I agree. LOL.

    Now, to your question why they do they amek you go from page to page--I actually know the answer for this in part-- its to do with web usability studies that indicate over 80% of viewers will NOT scroll down but only read what is before them "above the fold"--that is, above the cut off point of their browser window.

    Personally, like you, I;d far ratehr scroll.

  4. Now with that said, I hate the ads but Pat is right on that front too by adn large.

  5. "[O]ver 80% of viewers will NOT scroll down but only read what is... above the cut off point of their browser window." Yep, another good reason. A lot of articles are written so the most important stuff is contained in the first few paragraphs, with details to follow. Sometimes I'll get to the bottom of an internet "page," and see that there are seven more pages. And I'll sometimes decide I've read enough, depending on the structure of the article. Hell, I admit that sometimes I'll read a headline, like "Joe Blow wins election," and don't even read the article, unless I want to know how much he won by, etc.

  6. Yeah true they want to catch your attention too, so they put all the juicy parts with the big stand out words in the little write up, peeking your interest so you'll read.

    And did I mention when they extend the page that leaves more ad space, so they can provide ad space at a cheaper rate and make even more money. Plus now that's it's bigger, hey why not chuck an ad right in the middle of the article, heck why not chuck in three, which is what most do.

  7. Well, those ads DO work! I've had ads in my sidebar and at the bottom of my page since February of 2008, and I've made over fourteen dollars! Aruba, here I come!

  8. i really like the idea of that link to view all..and ugh on the ads...$$$...ugh

  9. What bothers me is when I click on a headline to read the entire story and an ad pops up that I either have to sit through or click through to get to the original article. I get that they need to make money but it's so annoying!

  10. Ah you should try Press Display (http://www.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/viewer.aspx) - and if you sign up I think I get a fortune in referral fees.

  11. @Alan: I saw your comment as soon as you left it, and followed the link.

    Five minutes later... I think I just OD'd....

  12. Yeah I used some of the ad tricks too and might have made enough so far to buy the airplane ticket to Aruba...lol


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