Wednesday, May 18, 2011

David'Z RantZ ~~ An Open Letter... (STILL Not the One You've Been Waiting For!)

To Everyone in the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Federal Government (and I'm only excluding the Judicial Branch because they're appointed for life):

You became senators, congressmen, or whatever because of your fervent desire to help the American people, right? I mean, it's not about the money, right? Hell, most of you are already millionaires, or well on your way to becoming such, anyway, right? [Don't believe that? Click here and scroll down to "Capital Gain," fellow babies!]

Okay, how about if you humble public servants collect minimum wage while you're in office?

Oh, don't worry, I don't suggest for a minute that you actually have to subsist on that amount, as some have suggested. That would be cruel and unusual punishment! At the very least, you might begin to better understand the so-called "common man," and we can't have that, can we? No, you can rely on all the money you already have, and whatever you earn from investments and interest, etc. So you won't starve.

But you can only collect the pay for your job which any minimum wage worker would for working a forty-hour week. In fact, I'm not even talking about paying you a weekly salary. If you put in more than forty hours of actual work, you should get paid overtime. It's only fair. (And speaking of "fair," no fair voting yourself raises the way you like to do, you wacky little scamps! Nope, that would be defeating the purpose, after all.)

Having said that, if you don't put in a full forty hours at the office and in congress, you shouldn't get paid for the full week. But I digress.

Just think of how much money would be available for other government programs! You know, silly little things like education, care for the elderly, and all those other things you're trying to cut.

And no, I'm not trying to claim that this "minimum wage for politicians" thing is an original idea of mine. Hell, if it were, the "button" I've reproduced above wouldn't even exist yet. I'm just adding my voice to that of the crowd.

That's right, "the crowd." You remember. The "crowd" you all used to at least pretend to care about?

Thanks for your time.


  1. They are all the same everywhere, oh we'll do this, we'll do that, then just line their pockets with kickbacks and forget about everything they said.

    How much friggin money does one need anyway? With all the money they have, these greed ridden idiots should be lucky to get minimum wage. They prob make more in interest in one week then most do in a year.

  2. I was pissed but not surprised to learn the legislative and executive branches continue to collect paychecks even if they haven't passed a new budget. This does not extend to govt employees, the military, the people who really do the heavy lifting. I think our politicians etc should receive NO PAY til they get their shit together and pass a new budget. It might keep their attention focused on the job at hand.

  3. There are all sorts of suggestions one could make that would spur congressmen into actions that would actually help the rest of us... but as long as they make their own rules, none of them will probably happen. My post was only a rant, of course, not anything that I would expect anyone to seriously lobby for. Just venting... because I can.

  4. Okay, so, if I may add a little known Nova Scotia statistic to fuel that fire...60% of our working population are employed by the government! (I am employed by a small family run business, so we know where this is going!) A first cousin, works less than 200 days a year, earning 120,000 a year, checking firewalls for said government. I can't afford I don't know much about the stress that comes with such a job...but he gets days off for that too. MPs and MLA's also receive and additional 38.00 per hour bonus when they show up to work. (This is actually referred to as the showing up for work bonus) I receive additional tasks and headaches when I do. We have seen the cost of food, fuel, electricity, and other such necessities double, while minimum wage has just hit the 9.00+ mark, here. Small businesses are dying off left and right, and out of necessity, the underground economy grows larger, as more "criminals" are created by the simple act of trying to keep food on the table. Check your Lexus at the door people, this little lady is pissed! :)


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