Friday, May 20, 2011

Greatest. Invention. Ever. ~~ Updated!

Okay, I changed my mind. Sue me. This isn't the greatest invention ever. Not any more, anyway. (But it's still the second greatest invention ever. Just sayin'.)

This is the greatest invention ever (pictured above). You'd understand if you'd spent as much time as I have trying to transfer videos, documents, photos, and other important crap stuff from my old, whale-oil-powered computer (with its Windows 1943 operating system!) to my newer computer, with its operating system of Ubuntu... errr... Something-or-Other. (Hey, I may not be computer-illiterate, but I never claimed to be computer-fluent.)

I was able to pick up one of these "flashy babies," dirt cheap, at Kmart! Yes, Kmart. And say what you will about Kmart, I've been more than satisfied with my cheap, li'l ole flash drive!

Oh, by the way (and I'm quoting from an ancient David'Z RantZ post which I'm too lazy to bother linking to): Just to be a smartass, I constantly pronounce "Kmart" as "k'mart" (like "come on" and "come here" are often abbreviated as "c'mon" and "c'mere."). And when those too dim to realize that I'm making a small joke correct me, I defensively reply, "Well, you pronounce S-M-A-R-T as 'smart,' don't you? You don't say, 'ess-mart!"

Update to the Update, sorta: My friend Roy, author of the highly-recommended blog, Roy's World, left the following comment: "Um, David... Flash drives have been out for years, and even places like Rite Aid and CVS carry them in their school and office supply sections. You're only just now discovering them?"

My reply: Well, yes and no. I've actually had mine for a few months now -- I was transferring some more stuff yesterday and decided to write the post then -- but yeah, for me, it was a relatively recent bit of information from my friend John! Besides, I never said it was the greatest new invention ever, haha! And you wouldn't believe what I had to do in "the old days" to transfer stuff from one PC to the other! If I'd told y'all that, it would have doubled the length of my post! I should also point out that I did indeed check them out at Rite Aid and CVS, as you mentioned -- before visiting Kmart -- and theirs were much more expensive!

Thanks for your time.


  1. Um, David... Flash drives have been out for years, and even places like Rite Aid and CVS carry them in their school and office supply sections. You're only just now discovering them?

  2. @Roy: Well, yes and no. In fact, I think I'll add a little update to my post...

  3. Yes I have to agree they beat that brush for sure. So so much easier to move stuff around. Plus if I have something on my computer I want to watch, I slap it on one of them, then stick it right into my dvd player, watch it on my big tv over my crap computer screen and that is that. Yes you can do that too, in case you didn't

  4. @Pat: So, what, you plop the flash drive onto that little slidey-drawer thing that you rest the DVD on? Wouldn't it just drop through the big hole in the middle? :)

  5. No my dvd player has the little slidey drawer thing for the dvds and then beside it, it has the thing for the flash drive to go right into. Works really well, depending on the flash drive you can have a whole season of 20 some episodes on there and never have to get up and change the disc..haha

  6. don't feel bad, silver...I just bought my first flashdrive this year when I got my laptop and had to transfer everything from my old PC. :)

  7. So when we got our new car we have a flash drive plug in so we can put music we've downloaded onto the flash drive and listen to it in the car. And, yeah, I'm a few years behind in technology. Oh well. The discoveries are still fun!

  8. You DO realize that you can also use a flash drive as a "ready boost" on your computer running Windows Vista and above, which acts like you had given it extra memory? Oh, I forgot. You're using that Kenyan Muslum operating system. So sad...
    P.S. If you and that Skimpson guy ever sell your book. I sugest getting a new computer. Don't get a laptop thogh. I had a laptop and it got stolen. My uncle whapped me upside the head for that.


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