Thursday, December 15, 2011

How Sweet It Is! -- A Theme Thursday "Sweet" Post

I saw this week's Theme Thursday theme, Sweet, and said "Now there's a challenge!" What the hell could I write about that?

How about... The two or three women who've called me that, mainly because -- when I care to, usually -- I can say the right thing at the right time?


I could write about how I have to watch my blood sugar levels now that I'm diabetic. I was never much for candy or pastry, but now I have to use Splenda when I go on coffee dates!


I'm supposed to watch my levels. (Okay, okay, I do... but not as carefully as I should.)

Isn't it great how "they" want you to give up the things you enjoy, whatever they happen to be, so you'll live to a ripe old age? "Give up everything you like, and may you have a long, long, miserable effin' life?"

. . .

Whoa. How'd I get here?

Better close this now. Uncharacteristically brief for me, innit? You might even say it was short and...

Oh. Knew where I was going with that one, did you?

Thanks for your time.


  1. well enjoy your miserable effin least they havent taken the coffee away right? that just might kill me...

    it is great to see all the old gang at TT...not that i am calling you old...or a gang member...

    but i do know a few gang signs

    oh yeah this was supposed to be short and...

    but really who wants to be called short, i mean i do have some pride you know

    sweet post man!

  2. @Brian: I was going to thank you for your comment, but I think I'd better re-read your comment two or three times to make sure it's good! (Looks like you've had too much coffee, actually.)

  3. haha and I bet Brian can do some mean gansta rap.

  4. @Betsy: I agree, doll. And I'd love to hear Brian do my Anti-Claus poem from last Christmas!

  5. I'm sure he'd do a fine job with it. I don't like that poem, though!

  6. @Betsy: That's cuz it's so negative. You don't like my RantZ, either. :)

  7. Well David this is a "sweet" post really are:))

  8. and yes I always think you are so sweet:)

  9. Keep an eye on those levels! No need to make things worse. :]

  10. @Gloria: Well, I'm not. I know me a lot better than you do, haha!

    @Mike: True, but as Queen said, "Who Wants to Live Forever?"

  11. Lollies are no good for one's teeth.

  12. @Kris: Reminds me of the old saying "Candy Is Dandy, But Sex Won't Rot Your Teeth!"

  13. That was (effin) Sweeeeeet! :) Have to laugh at effin, coming from England, I miss hearing that sometimes.

  14. @Daydreamertoo: Effin' gets its use in the States, too, trust me. Sure does tone down an email with a loved one!

  15. Wow thats one Sweet post :)

    I know giving up things u love for long life is like sad sad....alas no options

  16. I agree with you : I have never met a doctor who has said "you need to eat less cabbage for the sake of your health"

  17. Brian went right to town. He sure wasn't short and sweet, but sure was neat. Enjoy your miserable effin life..hahaha

  18. @Lady Whispers: Thanks... and welcome!

    @Alan: And don'tcha love really overweight doctors who smoke?

    @Pat: Not just my miserable effin' life. We all get that as we age. Your time is coming, pal! Haha!

  19. Damn! Betsy, show me where to find that fountain of youth.

  20. @Pat: Right! Why should she be the only one to use it?

  21. Mary Poppins should have sung A spoonful of Splenda makes the medicine go down -- coffee that it is, which to me, is worse than any medicine I might have to take.


  22. I detect a little sweetness under that tough guy...maybe a diamond in the rough ; )

  23. @Lola: Coffee IS a medicine of sorts. The best cure... okay, one of the best cures for certain ailments...

  24. Great wandering rant! Still smiling here at the bent cliches! And loved the wealth of bubbly responses too!


  25. @Gemma: Welcome. A "wandering rant" containing "bent cliches," huh? I like that! Heh.

    And yeah, the comments here are often more entertaining than my posts.

  26. Pat ~ email me, and I'll let you in on the secret. :)

  27. And yes, Coffee is a wonderful medicine. Besides, without it, there wouldn't be any coffee dates!

  28. @Betsy: Oh, you'll tell Pat, but not me? Niiiice.

    And yes, Coffee is King. It's one of the best ways to cure headaches. Well... caffeine withdrawal headaches, at least!

  29. Yipee! Now I won't have a miserable effin life. Betsy just told me where to find it. Sorry Fox, you can stick to being a diamond in the rough..hahahaha

  30. Ah, you know that we have seen the sweet side of you in many of your stories and comments. I would rather go without sugar than to use those fake sugars, but that is because I get headaches from taking them. Have you tried Truvia, it does not give me headaches and seems easier to get used to the taste.

    Okay, as to why Mr. Linky does not show up before Wednesday. I can only say that is the way the rules go. I have tried to think of different ways to do it and I can only say that this was what I came up with. The old, old, way when it first started was that they put Mr. Linky up with the theme on Sunday and everyone was on the honor system to post on Thursday because that was the day everyone was supposed to do it. And at first it worked, 99% of the people honored the rules and even those that didn't only did it if they were not able to do it on Thursday and they usually apologized for being early. Then others just started posting earlier and earlier, why, no one was sure other than they possibly wanted to get more comments. Then chaos ensued and no one knew when to post or who was posting when. It was crazy to try and keep up with it all. Because of this we lost a lost of players. So they tried to fix it to where the theme was posted on Thursday and then anyone could post from Thursday to Wednesday, and this caused a lot of players to leave.

    So when I took the reins I thought and thought about trying to make the best of both worlds and so I post the theme on Sundays but post Mr. Linky on Wednesdays, my time, but Thursday, your time on the east coast, and yes I know that for Kris and some others it is Thursday night but I figured that was a good compromise for everyone. And I can only say that so far with the joining of both groups it seems to be working. And for those that want to post early, they do and I post their link so they can go to sleep on time.

    What I find strange is how some bloggers will be linked up to so dang many memes. I think I have seen some with close to 20 memes and I am not even sure if their posts works for every meme, but my biggest wonder is how they visit the other players for all those memes. It takes me two to three days to visit all the TT players and I know I write long comments but so do some of them. They must type really fast. LOL

    And I will tell you the true secret to the Fountain of Youth, it is lots of Oil of Olay, at least that's what my dermatologist told me. She said that everyone who looks young for their age tells her that they use Oil of Olay. And it is staying out of the sun, drinking lots of water, exercise, and eating healthy. Oh and drink lots of wine, lots and lots of wine. Okay, those are just part of it, but the real Fountain of Youth is that you hide your partners glasses from them and that way when they look at you they just see this beautiful fuzzy person who has no wrinkles or flaws. And God has ensured that our eyesight gets effin terrible as we glow old so that we look beautiful to each other. Just try it sometime, look at someone with your glasses on and then look at them without your glasses and you will see.

    Now Betsy's Fountain of Youth is a secret and Pat is damn well lucky she is sharing it with him. It's those dang cats they have in common. Maybe cats are the secret.

    Stay sweet, and you cannot trick us because we know you are.

    God bless.

  31. @Mrsupole: I appreciate the detailed comment. Thanks. This was longer than a lot of my posts, though, haha!

    Thanks for the answer to the Mr. Linky question. Personally, I never cared when people posted their TT posts, cuz I didn't look at them until Thursday anyway. But that's just me. :)

    I agree about the people who do one post and link it to 47 freakin' memes. Sometimes they're really stretching the connection, as I have once or twice.

    Oil of Olay? I need to try that? And then there's that "staying out of the sun, drinking lots of water, exercise, and eating healthy" stuff, too? I think I'd rather look old. Either that, or smash the glasses of everyone who looks at me.

    Betsy and Pat should let me in on the secret cuz I have a cat, too. And owning Orson surely isn't keeping me looking any younger, so it can't boil down to simple ownership being the secret. *sigh*

    Now. About this "sweet" thing...!

  32. See I told you that you are sweet, I mean you actually wrote a comment back to me that was longer than your post, ha, got you there.

    And I own two cats and can't figure out the secret either. Maybe someday!!!


  33. @Mrsupole: Maybe you have to periodically drink some of the cats' blood, or something.

    Nahhhh, Betsy would never do that!

  34. Wow! Looks like I missed a party! How sweet it is....better late than not at all right...I happen to be surrounded by folks with adult onset and I have seen the sugar sinners learn to manage...and I have seen the ones who could not. I am sincerely hoping you are one of the ones who can...she says oh so sweetly (WOMAN!!!!)

  35. @Natasha: Looks like everyone who read this got something different from it. And it was SO effin' short, too!


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