Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh. THAT'S Why.

It didn't exactly keep me up nights, but I kinda wondered why they gave Tom Hanks' cowboy character in Toy Story the name of "Woody."

However, I think I've finally figured it out.

Now. Who says I can't write short posts?

Thanks for your time.


  1. Actually, I thought that post was rather long. I believe that HBO did a special once entitled, "Those Wonderful Woodys," wherein we discovered why people named Woody were so wonderful. Woody Guthrie, Woody Harrelson, Woody Woodpecker... d'ya dig my driftwood?

  2. I got a '34 wagon and I call it a Woody...

  3. My woody's outside, covered with snow.

    New York's a lonely town, when you're the only surfer boy around.

  4. Did you know, there has never been a British Prime Minister called Woody? Interesting that, isn't it?

  5. @Megan: I should have known you "wood" have something clever to say!

    @Alan: I think every male who is erected... I mean, elected... or appointed to a higher office should be called "Woody" from then on, so he'd have nothing to "prove" and wood... I mean, would... not be as likely to attack other countries. (Female rulers wooden... I mean, wouldn't... have to worry about such nonsense.)

  6. Nice photo, Fox.
    I like Woody Allen, too. Just to add another Woody to the list.

  7. @AngelMay: One can never have enough Woodys!

  8. I directed some of the biggest stars in Hollywood in the '30s and '40s, but none of you remember!

  9. I was one of the best comic book artists ever, and the Silver Fox didn't even mention me?!?


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