Saturday, May 14, 2011

In All Fairness...

Yesterday, and the day before, Blogger went through some horrendous sort of glitch. Blogs suddenly became available in a "read-only" format. We Blogger-bloggers -- a term I use to specify those whose blogs are actually on -- couldn't draft new posts. We couldn't leave comments on our blogs, or those of others. Our "dashboards" were unavailable. And so on.

The result, not only until things were fixed, but after (once we Blogger-bloggers realized that some recent posts, comments, and sidebar changes had been wiped out)? Panic! Mayhem! Confusion! Anger! Pandemonium! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

Okay, okay, that last sentence was from Ghostbusters. But it applies... well, sorta. Hell, if you're really drunk and squint your eyes almost completely shut, the Blogger logo (shown above) kinda looks like the Ghostbusters logo (shown below), dunnit?
No? Oh, well...

Anyway, I've been reading various posts, and comments left on various posts... and the current feeling among Blogger-bloggers seems to be a mixture of fury, dismay, and indignation. Some have talked about "defecting" to other blog hosts, which is their right. And since I'm so well-known for my David'Z RantZ, you're probably expecting me to take a lengthy moment to tear the poor suckers at Blogger a new one, as well.

But if so, you're wrong.

Speaking strictly for myself, during the last three-years-plus that I've been a Blogger-blogger, I've had the opportunity to air my opinions, showcase my so-called "serious" writings, bitch about whatever I deem as an "injustice" (whether serious or tongue-in-cheek), write down snippets of family history, "hone my craft," pay tribute to various departed celebrities, inform readers about various topics, indulge in literary exercises, share music I love with my readers, post public birthday wishes to online and offline pals, participate in the odd phenomenon known as the "internet event," wax nostalgic about my pretty-much-wonderful freakin' childhood, offer admittedly-rare glimpses at the "real" me, and generally (hopefully?) amuse and entertain. And I know I'm leaving out further examples of what this blog has given me....

...including the fact that I've also formed several real friendships -- and that's coming from someone who doesn't use the word "friend" lightly --  which is something that a cynical s.o.b. like myself never dreamed would happen online.

And let me repeat, that's not what I've attained through the internet. That's only a list of some of the things that I've accomplished via Blogger.

And ya wanna know sumthin', fellow babies? It ain't cost me diddly-squat!

"Never look a gift horse in the mouth." Three years' (for me, that is) worth of a free service, and I have one day where things are totally effed-up and frustrating?

Hell, I can live with that.

Can't you?

Thanks for your time.


  1. i hear you man....blogapocalypse 2011 brought out my inner invulnerabilities and made me realise how truly weak i am, ready to throw this two and a half year relationship out and crawl in bed with another blog platform, making wanton post all night long, luckily we got counseling and i was able to share those feelings and blogger loved me was a beautiful thing, i cried, it cried, it came home again and we immediately posted...we seem to be doing much better now...we still have our slow moments and i wish she would give back all the words she stole, but we are doing much better....

  2. Sorry, I was at work. Did I miss something?

  3. @Brian: Ah, yes, it's sad when a man is tempted to stray from an otherwise firm relationship. But you shouldn't lose sleep over such temptations as long as your inner strength helped you make the right decision. Thank you for sharing this touching tale of your momentary weakness. I salute you, fellow Blogger-blogger! Your intestinal fortitude is an inspiration to us all.

    @Roy: Nahhhhh, y'all didn't miss nuthin'.

  4. Who are you, and what did you do with the Silver Fox?

  5. @Betsy: Yeah, I know, right? Heh. I guess something must have sent my curmudgeonly mind in a radically different direction last night.

  6. "cough" suck up "cough"

    Yeah one would really have to be drunk, high and a mixture of various other drugs to get the logo's mixed up..haha

    But yes you are correct in saying one day of something for free, isn't really that big of a deal. Heck I pay for xbox live and internet and they've both caused me more issues than this ever has. But it's fun to rant none the less and also agree, never really thought I'd enjoy blogging or ever meet people who are fun to interact with.

  7. @Pat: Gee, Pat, you really oughtta do something about that cough...

    And... "fun to rant?" Yeah, so I've heard. So I've heard.

  8. I just left home for as long as I could. It was two days worth here. I am so naive about the goings on that I contacted my son to see if it was me. "Mom you don't have that much power." Oh well good it was not my fault. No matter which system you choose man is behind the workings, so what does that tell us. Now I don't mean "man" as in masculine, you know everyman.

  9. @QMM: "Mom you don't have that much power." Oh, that is priceless! Love it.

  10. Late this summer will be four years for me. I've never stuck with
    ANYTHING that long before!

  11. @Megan: Not even... umm... a personal relationship?


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