Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's As Easy As A, B, C...

Those of you who follow my blog know that there's been nothing to follow for quite a while now. To say I've been uninspired is making an understatement. My creative juices, you might say, have been rather stagnant.

The month of April, however, will bring blogland the seventh annual A to Z Blogging Challenge! (For more details, rules, etc., click here.) Already, hundreds of bloggers have signed up! I last participated in 2014, and encountered several new blogs and made several new bloggy friends. I've just committed to join the fun this year as well.

Simply put, I plan to do a new post every day of April (except Sundays), which will give me exactly 26 posts. Twenty-six, as I darned well hope you're aware, is the same number as we have letters of the alphabet. That's how it works, fellow babies.

Participating bloggers have a choice whether or not they want to give their 26 entries a theme. Last time out, I chose to have a theme, which was "anger mismanagement.," which I described as "Things or people that tick me off, aspects of being upset and/or angry in general..."

This April, I will also have a theme. What is it? Aw, come on now. I have to do at least one more post between now and then , don't I?

(I'll give you one hint. It's going to be comic book related, which may limit my audience a bit!)

Thanks for your time.
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