Monday, July 4, 2011


The day-to-day unravelings of the English language seem to have demanded a proliferation of "Grammar Nazi" posts lately. "So sad," as a certain Sharp-Eyed Reader of mine would say.

Facebook is the latest culprit (although admittedly, this trend has been going on for a while now). Remember back in the day back in the good old days, when you wanted to make someone your friend? You would "befriend" him or her. Now, thanks to freakin' Facebook, the verb has been bastardized simplified to "friend." Additionally, if you later wish to reverse that decision, you "unfriend" them, whereas in the old days, you would... ummm... "run them over with your car." (Or is that just me? Heh.)

So, what's next? Instead of feeding my cat, Orson, do I now have to "food" him?

To screw up an old cliché, "The more things change, the more they stay deranged," eh?

A brief but characteristic digression here: A few years ago, when tattoo parlors finally became legal in the state of Massachusetts, a local business named its four in-residence artistes on a sign featuring their nicknames: Bill, Spike, House (a really tall, overweight guy), and Chip. I sent a facetious email to one of my 47 friends named Jennifer, asking "Are those names, or nouns?" She replied "Both! They're also verbs!" Heh. I love my friends...)

Also, fellow babies, my last post featured a "mystery photo:

I followed the photo with this:

The above photo is related to not one, but two of my professed role models from my long-ago (but vividly-remembered) childhood.

Now, can you: (a) name the actor, (b) name the film which supplied this photo, (3) list the three "professed role models" of Yours Truly, and (d) tell me exactly how this connects to two of those role models? (And yes, I purposely wrote A, B, 3, and D... just to see if y'all were paying attention! Were you?)

I'll give you one last chance to make your guesses, and I'll reveal the "winner," if indeed there is one, in my next post. Promise.

Okay, one last point. I recently allowed Orson to post here on my Foxyblog, and he promised (with my permission, of course) that he'd do the next post, too. Well, I read his draft, and I think it's boring, so you won't get to see it unless the little furred turd locks me out of my own apartment long enough to take over my computer! (Yeah, right. Like that will ever happen!)

Just sayin'.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Now don't you Orson around with that dear cat of yours. As for your quiz question, I'm silver foxed by it.

  2. Welcome back, Alan! I wonder if you dare to play catch-up on all the posts -- mine and the others' -- that you've missed!

  3. I'm playing catch up too, and have a peacock investigation to do! I go quiet for ONE long weekend, and folks are posting like crazy, filling my already overwhelmed head with nasty things like guilt complexes. However I will catch up! By working my way backwards through everybody's head space! (And I'm ashamed to admit I haven't a clue regarding the that bad? uggg! No doubt about's MONDAY!)

  4. Did you really use the word 'turd'?

  5. So, what's next? Instead of feeding my cat, Orson, do I now have to "food" him?

    laughed OUT loud at this. :)

  6. "Did you really use the word 'turd'?"

    Yeah... It's certainly not a word I use often, but it fits so well with "furred." I've used "furred turd" before, on my blogs

  7. Well, Pat will love it, that is for certain. :)

  8. HA! With the look Orson gave you the other night, you'd better hide your keys~LOL!

    @Betsy, disregard what I said in the email. I'm already privy to the answers so it wouldna be fair for the rest of you :]

  9. Oh Subs, it would be fair. I'm pretty sure you're the 'one' that is mentioned in the post. :) Besides, I'm pretty sure my answer isn't completely correct. Go ahead and guess!

  10. @Betsy, moi? Not...even...close! Besides, we've only know each other 20 years or so. I ken enough ;)

  11. Oh. That's Clayton Moore in The Ghost Of Zorro. A Republic Serial.

  12. You don't miss Facebook at all, do you?

  13. Oops... didn't list them correctly. Okay 1. Clayton Moore 2. The Ghost of Zorro 3. The Lone Ranger, Zorro, The Green Hornet 4. Britt Reid (The Green Hornet) was the Lone Ranger's great nephew... or something...

  14. And the Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet were both created by George Trendle. During one radio show of The Green Hornet, they even played a few bars of The Lone Ranger Theme (The William Tell Overture.) Shall I go on? Clayton Moore in the 70's was prohibited from wearing his mask in public because they were coming out with a movie starring the ever popular Clinton Spillsbury. He wound up wearing sunglasses at autograph signings.

  15. But you could also be talking about "Sgt. Preston Of The Yukon," which George Trendle also created...

  16. Answers are up in today's post...

    @Megan: Nope, not at all.


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