Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Unfortunate" Comics, Part Two ~~ A "Comical Wednesday" Post

Hello again, fellow babies! Time for Part Two of "Unfortunate Comics!"

I'm gonna start off with three items to which I've given no category:

"Fun buns?!?" Excuse me?

Oh, great, let's start up those old rumors again...!

And this one's just... dorky.

Now, here's a category I call "Poker Face." Someone needs to explain to me why Golden Age comics so often utilized villains threatening women with hot irons!

Here's a weird one, which I call "Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More":

The hero of the "Golden Knight" series, Sir Richard, happens upon a young woman named Alice. Alice, who was separated from her parents as a child, lives in a village called Namara. Namara has been cursed by a villain named Bawara -- hey, folks, I don't name these things -- nicknamed "The Black Death."

Sir Richard and Alice invade the stronghold of The Black Death and are taken prisoner!

"The girl pleases me." I think we all know what that means. The sleazy one has equally sleazy plans for Alice.

But... Seeing Sir Richard tortured in the dungeon royally ticks off Alice, and she's the one who saves the day!

Now here's where it gets a bit... odd.

Let's ignore the whole Alice-just-happens-to-be-The-Black-Death's-daughter idiocy, and... well... Am I the only one who remembers Bawara's "The girl pleases me" bit? And she turns out to be his daughter? In a word: Ew.

Now, friends, for those of you who think I'm long-winded, here are two examples of comic writers who must have been paid by the word:

The second one's even worse! Notice all the dialog in panels 2, 3, and 4 that's  supposedly taking place as the thief slips and falls! And after all that, the scene isn't even important!

So, you see? I'm not so bad!

Thanks for your time.


  1. robin..what have i done to you...smiles...ha...we'll never know for sure...where do you dig these things up at...some are quite scary

    1. Yes, they are!

      The Golden Age stuff mostly comes from the Digital Comic Museum site, where you can download thousands of dollars worth of old, public domain comic books for free! (Check the link in my sidebar!) I find them while reading, and save the necessary parts for future use.

      A lot of the more modern stuff -- "modern" being from the 1960s and up -- comes from my own collection. Again, interesting things I've found in my reading.

  2. Did anybody actually read this stuff before printing? Fun buns could be fun though, kinda kinky i suppose. Hot irons not so much. Poor Robin though.

    1. It wasn't until the fifties that a backlash came against comics. Some really over-the-top stuff was being published by then. I could do four or five posts just about that!

  3. Fun Buns: I think I have a new nickname.


  4. Don't tell anyone it was also used for Elsie the Cow! Actually, I've heard the term before, and it was always more than a bit suggestive... as I'm sure you appreciate.

  5. Do you know, as I get older and wiser I get to like these vintage comic books more and more. The other day I bought a new collection of postcards "The Art of Classic Comics - 100 Postcards from the 1950s". They are wonderful and I thought of you as I looked through them. Send me your postal address and I will post one on to you.


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