Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tale of the Tea (Part Three): The Punchline?

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Okay. Now I'm angry.

Here it is, almost 1:30 p.m. EST, and instead of being in the midst of the festivities at the long-awaited Mr. Toast's Second Annual Christmas Tea at Torosay Castle on the Isle of Mull, I'm still cooling my heels at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts!

I'm typing (and posting) very quickly, so I won't have time to answer -- or even read -- any comments left for me! My apologies.

Briefly, I finally got through to the Foxster... or should I say, the actor who was playing the role of the "Foxster" until the real Skip Simpson and I reluctantly cancelled the Pleasantview series on the Simpson/Lynch Studios blog (as shown here)!

"Sorry, Mr. Lynch, but I thought you were kidding when you asked us to fire up the SnL One to give you a trans-Atlantic flight!"

"Kidding? Kidding?!?" I exploded.

"Well... sure! I mean, it's not like you and Mr. Simpson had us on retainer, or anything, you know?"

"But... but..."

"Hey, gotta go, dude. I've got an audition for a role on the Ocean Haven soap opera in twenty minutes. Have a nice day."

Great, I thought, now what?

I made a hasty exit from the airport terminal, and decided I'd get to the Isle of Mull somehow!

Of course, I admit that not much came to mind, at first...

But I knew I had to get away from Logan Airport as soon as possible. The TSA agents had been checking me out for hours. I can't say that I blame them, considering that I was (and am) dressed in my complete Zorro costume.

Not only that, but there was one fellow in particular who looked quite threatening. And I'm not even sure he was a TSA agent!

Needless to say, I hope he doesn't follow me out here!

Thanks for your time.



  1. David, err...I mean Zorro, glad you got out of there actualyl. Well, I do hope you don't end up hitchhiking here and as for actors? Well, what can one say?! they are so flighty sometimes. LOL. Oh now, Curt is looking awfully menacing there. Watch out! Thanks for all your efforts TRYING to get here. It's the spirit that counts, right?

    I'll be sure to ship off some special malt your way, should you not make it. Cheers!

  2. Awww Silver...can't believe you're not going to make it! :(

  3. SF - What terrible tragedy for you! Ugh. Kidding? They thought you were kidding?!?! Ugh! Maybe good ol' Kurt Russell can get you to where you need to be.

    No worries here. The party will be (obviously) going for quite awhile!!! LOL

  4. I could send the jet - depends where you are now.

  5. I've sent off my reindeer to look for you. They are used to finding people and because they're magic, they'll be able to get you to the party quickly if they manage to find you...

  6. Well, even the reindeer couldnt help I see. Oh dear my. I hope you aren't hiding out somewhere. I believe the TSA for one have srumised you were no real threat. LOL. Thank yo so much for all your creative input here, SF, what a hoot indeed. And let me tell you, you missed one incredible party--even if "just" a Tea! :)


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