Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Darned Birthday -- A "Sepia Saturday" Post

It's been a while since I've written a Sepia Saturday post -- or any other post, for that matter -- but I wanted to take this opportunity to send a birthday greeting to my sister Kathy, who today (December 4th) turns... well... let's just say she's older than I am, and leave it at that?

Since she's my older sister, I've (obviously) known her all my life. In those fifty-plus years, she's given me occasional bits of advice and guidance. When she was dating as a teen, that usually amounted to "If you ever pull a stunt like [fill in the blank] with one of your girlfriends when you get older, like [name of Kathy's current boyfriend] did with me, I'll kill you!"

In our younger years, she also told me the occasional white lie. "No, this isn't dog food! You can eat it. Go ahead."

She also helped form my early interests in rock'n'roll music, and I could link to several examples of that from my past blogs as "proof," but that would double the size of this post, so I won't. You're welcome.

Our immediate family of four -- that's two parents, two offspring -- was never a huggy, kissy, demonstrative family that said "I love you" much at all, if ever, but we all knew that the love was there if we needed it. And over the last half a century, since our lifestyles & morals (mine being the sleazier ones) have varied widely at points, there were times that we still loved each other, although we might not have particularly liked one another. At that moment, I stress.

Probably the best result from my mother's trials and tribulations during the last year of her life was that Kathy and I saw eye-to-eye on everything concerning our mom, and we finally... finally... learned to put our own unimportant issues aside. My mother passed away almost a year ago, and Kathy and I haven't back-slid yet! We're better friends right now than we've ever been.

The biggest problem with this little online tribute is that Kathy doesn't have a computer, and thus, has no internet access.

Hey! Good thing I have a printer! I'll print out this page and give it to her tonight, along with her present.

Hell, it's cheaper than buying her a card, innit?

Thanks for your time.


  1. Awww...Happy, happy Birthday to you Kathy!

    silver...print off the comments, too! :)

    she was a beauty and you a cutie!

  2. She's beautiful, Fox! Wish her a very happy happy from me! (Loved your comment on my "Thanksgiving" post.)

  3. I'd be chuffed if my brother did that for me! Nice one...

  4. Sent you an email at your request... )

  5. Happy Birthday, Kathy!
    You're lucky to have such an interesting brother- although I'll bet you didn't think so at times.

    Such a nice tribute and a nice post.

  6. Gorgeous photos and lovely words. I love the bit about the dog food!
    As Jinksy said - I would be thrilled (and surprised) if one of my brothers wrote so nicely about me.

  7. This was a great tribute to your sister! I hope she had a wonderful birthday. (I'm very, very late looking at last week's Sepia Saturday posts.)

  8. well, you've certainly done well by her with this post. who wouldn't like that?!?
    i got such a chuckle about your anecdote of the dog food. having a vivid imagination, i can just see it....
    was it good?!?


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