Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tale of the Tea (Part One): Preparations

(Special note. Blogger's messing with me. If you see any huge gaps in the text, that's where a photo is supposed to be! Right-click on the center of the space to (hopefully) open the photo in a new tab or window!)

Due to prior commitments, I missed Mr. Toast's Christmas Tea last year, so I made sure nothing would keep me from attending this year! It's going to be held in Torosay Castle on the Isle of Mull! Sounds exciting!

As far as my attire goes, I'm opting for my traditional Zorro outfit! It's always brought me luck in the past, to say the very least. I've already shaved my beard, trimmed my mustache, and dyed my silver hair black, of course!

I've decided to go "stag," for a couple of reasons. First of all, I couldn't decide between the two beauties clamoring to go with me. The first, of course, was the lovely Sofia Vergara...

And the second was my more recent acquaintance, Scarlett Johansson.

I mean, really. Could you decide?

Another reason for my making the journey alone  is that I have it on very good authority that quite a few lovely ladies will be attending, also without dates. Here's only one of the lovelies about whom I've been notified by my sources.

(And you should just see that beautiful little doll from the front!)

Trans-Atlantic transportation was going to be a problem, I initially supposed, but then I thought of the SnL One, the private jet co-owned by my younger and more successful "alter ego" on the Simpson/Lynch Studios blog, the Foxster!

Thanks to him, I should be picked up by Luke Tian and the Skipster in two or three hours. The Skipster's former fiancée, Gretchen Von Grüber, will be my flight attendant.

They won't be attending the actual event this time around, alas, but this should give the real me, and not the Foxster, a chance to strut my stuff!

I'm headed to Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, about 50 miles from home. My flight on the SnL One should be leaving at around 7:30 a.m.  I'll post again at 11 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, blogging very briefly from the SnL One while en route.

I can't wait!

Thanks for your time.


  1. Looking forward to a WONDERFUL time. See you at the tea.

  2. Hello Mr. Fox, I am so looking forward to meeting you at the tea. We have already arrived and in the midst of a cozy traditional Scottish breakfast. Tom Jones, my HH (handsome husband) decided to come with me but I do so want a whirl around the floor with you, and you must have your cape on to swirl around and look mysterious.

  3. Wow...shaved your beard and dyed your hair? You're pretty serious about this tea! :)

    I see you've been stealing photos again. And of course I have your name on my dance card. ;) See you there! I'm sure you won't be hard to spot in the crowd....the group of ladies surrounding you and all. ( thought I meant the outfit, didn't you?)

  4. Oh and I see QMM already has you on her dance card, too. Awww..she's a lovely will enjoy her!

  5. Brilliant David, so hope you maek it adn waht with your date adn GRethcen, you will be quite the envy I am sure. Zorro--a very sensible choice!

  6. OH I am SO glad that we will FINALLY get to meet you. Skip had so many good things to say about you at last year's party. I hear you are the "toast of the town"...

    ((Looks around to see if Mmm is listening...hahaha))

    Looking forward to your arrival.

  7. silver fox...will be a delight to see you...hope that the travels go nicely...


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