Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Z" for "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" (or, "After the Ball")

Oh, what a night... (yawn)!

Thanks for... your... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


  1. Are you gonna keep the costume for great occasions?

  2. This morning, Jeeves pointed out to me a suspicious looking "Z" cut into the draperies in the front room. hmm.

  3. Linda Stirling wants her cape back!!!

  4. Candie: Of course. And I'd wear it for you any time!

    Willow: Oops. Sorry. I blame the wine... or the champagne... or the tequila... or oh, never mind.

    You could put the "damages" in a positive light and say it was a souvenir of my visit. Seeing as how I'd left your birthday present here in Massachusetts, after having had to leave early, and all...

    Brian: Thanks. Now, tell the truth... Was that really you who left with Cameron Diaz, in my Corvette?

    Subby: Ha! Just one movie serial as "Zorro" and she says it's her cape?

  5. Hey hey! It's the old Foxster! How 'ya doing, chum?

  6. You should hold on to the costume. You never know when you might...need it......again......

  7. Skip: Stop calling me Foxster!!!

    Sophia: Ah, another new commenter! Welcome. And oh, yes, I'm keeping the costume. Matches the horse, don'tcha know...

  8. S.F., I'm not gonna argue with her!!


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