Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron: You Learn Something New Every Day (Almost)!

This post originally appeared on my now-deleted blog, You Learn Something New Every Day (Almost)!

I'm assuming you've heard the old 1960s classic "Snoopy's Christmas," by a group called the Royal Guardsmen. (Sounds British. They weren't.) And if so, you're probably aware that the group had a prior hit with a similarly-themed song called "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron."

But did you know that in between those two hits, there was a second song -- "Snoopy's Christmas" being their third, naturally -- "The Return of the Red Baron?" Another minor hit featuring Snoopy. When I was in grammar school, those songs were all on the Top 40 at one time or another, so I remember them well. And I've enjoyed telling people about "Return" just to see the surprise on their faces.

Now, it's my turn to be surprised. I learned today that the Royal Guardsmen recorded even more Snoopy songs back in their heyday, including "Snoopy for President!" They even did one a few short years ago, entitled "Snoopy vs. Osama!"

Thanks for your time.


  1. I always try to learn something new everyday. You never know when you might have to be on a game show or something. I better get prepared.

  2. LOL,allright I did not know that!

  3. I knew about Snoopy vs. the President, my father has that on a 45, I think


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