Friday, April 29, 2011

Bird, Incognito (A "Twitter for Gentlefolk" Post)

(Note for readers of my next post: Now this kind of "p.c.," I like!)

Continuing the relatively new "Twitter for Gentlefolk" tradition recently announced by that troublemaker fine fellow Alan Burnett of News from Nowhere fame, my friend Betsy (author of the My Five Men blog) and myself decided to do a "postcard swap." And rather than choosing an appropriate card for me, Betsy decided to create one. The outstanding result is shown above, and the "text side" follows:

In case you can't read that, it says:

Hi, Silver!

Since you love all things masks, capes, and superheros, I thought I'd sketch you a superhero-looking bird! This is a Cedar Waxwing. They love to eat my crabapples! Their name comes from the red waxy drips that form on the tips of their wing feathers. [Looks more like blood to The Silver Fox's eyes, but that's just me, I'm a different kinda cat!] Pretty cool, huh? Although to Orson, I'm sure he just looks like dinner! [For those of you who don't really pay attention when you read my blog, Orson is my cat!]


Once a week, Betsy treats her readers to a new sketch or other creative work on her blog. More commenters than I can count have suggested to her that she utilize her underrated (by Betsy herself, that is) talents to illustrate greeting cards, children's books, or something similar.

Well, Betsy, The Silver Fox hereby issues a very public challenge: I'll write a children's book, if you'll illustrate it. It should be a lot less intimidating than your trying to write that proposed autobiography people keep nagging urging you to do, right?

After all, it's not like Skip Simpson has me signed to an exclusive collaborative writing contract, ya know?

(Can't wait for the private email about the above!)

Thanks for your time.


  1. Well, yea! It finally arrived! My post featuring your card is going up tonight! What perfect timing! :)

    A public challenge, huh? lol....nothing like being put on the spot! OK, I can do that! As long as Skip doesn't have a fit or pop a vein (put those in there for you, Pat!) I'd be honored to illustrate any book you write.

    Thanks for asking me to swap postcards! This was fun! xo

  2. May I suggest, dear SF, you write a story about birds? That will really get Betsy's creative juices going.

    Another wonderful drawing from the fine artist herself. and yes, you are so right, she does sell herself FAR too short!

  3. Betsy and Silver : Do It.
    And both of you, thanks for keeping the Gentle Twitter project going in such fine style.

  4. Ya know...if there IS a children's book created by you, Silver, and Betsy illustrates I would be sure to buy one! ;)

    A public challenge! WOW...I think that is more significant than a double dog DARE!

  5. found you through Betsy. I'm looking forward to pawing through your archive. LOVE the lightening post. Although, I'm guessing the lightning is lightening to the sky. hmmm

  6. haha even using my words on other blogs geez.

    Very nice post card it was and the public challenge sounds interesting. Be quite fun to see what you two came up with.

  7. @Betsy: While looking for the card I eventually sent to Alan, I found the card I sent to you, as well... so gee, I had to do something with it, right?

    @Mmm: Your idea of including the bird in our upcoming story was an inspired touch, although I'm sure Betsy would have suggested it somewhere along the way eventually, haha. Thanks!

    @Alan: Yep, we're gonna do it.

    @Jill: Oh, good. We are now one reader closer to that best seller list!

    @Happygirl: "I'm guessing the lightning is lightening to the sky." Heh. I like the way you think. (Welcome aboard, by the way.)

    @Pat: It should be interesting indeed. I'm counting on Betsy's all-around positive attitude to infuse our tale with something other than my usual cynicism, haha!

  8. Hey now, you asked me to illustrate it...not try to get you to write something half way positive! THAT would be just about impossible! ha.

  9. Go Betsy! Cool beans drawing :)

    SF I'm currently working on two kid's books, meself ( or did I tell ya tha' already? ) Can't remember...

    You should see some of books out there! OMFD!

    WV= "puregg" ?!?

  10. @Betsy: With your influence, how could it not be uplifting and positive?

    @Subby: I knew you were working on one, yeah. Interested to hear about both!

  11. Dear Children's Book Author,
    May I refer you to page 47, paragraph one of our partnership agreement.
    "David M. Lynch will not write children's books about furry little animals, feathered little animals, or scaly little animals, until his completes whatever current projects he is currently working on with Mister Skip Simpson. If he violates the terms of this agreement, Mr. Simpson will have no other recourse, than to sue Mr. Lynch for 47 million simoleons, payable to his Nigerian bank account. In hoc signor winces." ;)

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