Wednesday, April 6, 2011

David'Z RantZ ~~ PART TWO of Meme THIS. (or, "The Meme to End All Memes")

Last time, subversive & silvery s.o.b. that I am, I made you sit through what amounted to an introduction for today's post. (I've done it before. I'll do it again. Such is life.)

I talked about some of the problems with internet memes. And now, here's my solution:

Okay, okay, wait a second! Getting right to the point? That wouldn't be me, now would it?

I have to include at least one marginally-related digression, or you'd think you were reading somebody else's freakin' Twitter tweet!

A while back, I had a "problem" with the "chain letter" aspect of certain internet awards, and I announced the creation of "The Silver Fox's THRUST HOME Award!"

"The Silver Fox's THRUST HOME Award!" is an award that will be given only by me, and generally to only one recipient at a time. I'll only give the award to those whose posts have truly "thrust home" with me. There will be no set frequency for the giving of the award. (Since January 8th of last year, I've only given out three.) This is an award for individual blog posts, not for blogs! Recipients are asked, not told, to mention their receipt of said award on their own sites -- and two of 'em did -- along with a corresponding link to my own. And most importantly, winners are not allowed to give this award to others!

I thought, and still think, that all these facts make this award kinda special.

Here's "The Silver Fox's THRUST HOME Award," fellow babies.
I'm putting this coveted award here so you can see it, and because
 I thought today's post needed two red, black, & white illustrations!

So. What's my "solution" to the whole "meme thing?" Something so absurdly easy to do, it's something that everyone -- EVERY BLOGGER on the flippin' internet!!! -- will want to do!

It's like Theme Thursday or Sepia Saturday, or any of those other memes which take place on a specific day. And to make it even easier, I'm not going to tell you which day! Hell, fellow babies, I'm not even going to tell you its official title!!!

This, then, is "the meme to end all memes." Well, not "end" the others. of course. That's too much to ask, even for The Silver Fox! (I'm not all-powerful, and I'll oh-so-humbly admit that! I'm not a god. I just play one on my blog!) But this will be the best and easiest meme, one which everyone can -- and will -- play along with!

"But what do I have to do, oh Silver Fox?" you ask!



That's right! Nothing.

What could be easier, eh? (I threw in that "eh" so my Canadian friends would understand this post.)

So, if and when I -- or one of The Silver Fox's agents, minions, followers, worshippers, etc. -- drop by your blog on the assigned day of the week (a day which you won't even know about, as I said), and you're not mentioning it... I'll know you're participating. I won't tell you I know, of course, either publicly or privately. It'll be our little secret.

And if you show up here or anywhere else and state emphatically that you do not intend to join myself and the others? I know that that's only a disclaimer to fool people, but it isn't necessary. I know you're really one of us.

In no time at all, I guarantee that everyone on the internet will be playing along!

Of course, some of you may write a post saying that you are, indeed, playing along, or may leave a comment here or elsewhere, saying that you will. And you may, understandably, think that disqualifies you, so that you alone end up not playing after all! But fear not, oh tortured soul. I am nothing if not magnanimous in my forgiveness, so I will just assume that you simply screwed up the rules, and will keep you in the game nonetheless... forever.


My meme, my rules. In other words, you are playing... whether you like it or not. [insert evil, triumphant, maniacal laughter here]

Thanks for your cooperation. Or, to put it another way, "boogity boogity boogity shoo!"

Hit it, maestro!

And thanks for your time.


  1. @Betsy: So glad you decided to join us in this new meme!

  2. I second the

    Yes now I must say you've gone a little off the deep end..haha

    But I can do nothing, I'm good at doing nothing, if I do nothing really good do I get a reward?..haha

    I think maybe you hanged around to many ding dongs, or got bopped one to many times..hahaha

    Nice shout out to us up north too, although I still have yet to hear anyone around me use EH, I think that's an out west thing.

  3. @Pat: So glad you decided to join us in this new meme!

  4. @Megan: Don't worry, Megs, you didn't!

    So glad you decided to join us in this new meme!

  5. I like it when I don't know the rules, then I don't have anything to worry about.

  6. For once I agree with you. I dont like mimes neither. Especally when they do that thing where they pretend their traped in a box. I like clowns tho. My uncle took me to a circus once and this little tiny car pulled up and like a million clowns climbed out of it. That was the funnyist thing I ever saw.

  7. @Kate, and Sharpie: So glad you decided to join us in this new meme!

  8. I love your evil laughter! I'm not sure if I get the rules, or if I'm unintentionally disqualifing myself...but I am relatively new to the whole blogging thing, (for actually doing it, anyway) and much of the "lingo" elludes me. Hmm, I think I may have been outfoxed pun intended :)

  9. @Natasha: Don't worry, you're not disqualified. So glad you decided to join us in this new meme! (I just love writing that.)

  10. I got confused around about paragraph two. Actually I didn't get confused, I am just saying that because I am practicing writing pieces that you are never sure what they are saying or if they are saying anything. Or not. But it might be a double-bluff and I know what I am saying and am just seeking a Thrust Home Award.

  11. @Alan: So, you're "practicing writing pieces that you are never sure what they are saying or if they are saying anything?" Wow. I'd never do a thing like that. *ahem*

    Anyway... So glad you decided to join us in this new meme!


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