Tuesday, April 26, 2011

David'Z RantZ ~~ Two Reasons I Don't Sleep Well at Night (and No, This Is NOT the One You've Been Waiting For!)

Two Reasons I Don't Sleep Well at Night (and don't piss me off, or I'll make this a freakin' series):

1. People keep writing "lightening" when they mean to write "lightning." You can lighten your hair. After sunrise, the sky gradually "lightens." Lightning is that flash you see in the sky before you hear the thunder. (Or "lightning" could also apply to at least two great blues musicians. But I digress.)

2. "Peak" and "peek" are not interchangeable. (And don't even get me started on "pique.") No, really. Your computer's spell-checker is not a blasted mind-reader, so please learn the difference before you use either. 

By the way, the illustration above is of lightning striking a mountain peak. Maybe you don't care, but I impressed the hell out of myself finding that one. Just sayin'.

Thanks for your time.


  1. I might be guilty of using the first before, but now I won't any more.

    The second I don't screw up though, so one out of two isn't bad..lol

    Just gave me a good idea for a post too..haha

  2. I never thought before about it possibly being the spell-checker that creates these snafus.

    But seeing as there's an entire website devoted to auto-correct gaffes...

  3. @Pat: Some of us have our own individual screw-ups, too, right?

    @Betsy: That probably has something to do with the not sleeping well bit...

    @Megan: Well, I wouldn't say that spell-checker "creates" them, it's more that it can't prevent them. Probably why I keep seeing "and" when someone's obvious intent was to write "an." "I ate and apple today..." "You did what?"

  4. And I'm going to resist the urge to post a new "chapter" like this every time I spot something on one of the blogs I follow. Heh. "Oh, great, here comes another comment from The Silver Grammar Cop."

  5. Yes, and I actually know all of that, SF, but now if I can type it correctly is another thing altogether! LOl.

    Anyway, the day in your neck of the woods is almost done but I did want to wish you a happy Easter! Perhaps it was rather quiet like mine? Peaceful though and even rained this afternoon which for here is quite a treat actually.

  6. I can see how that would make you grouchy. I hate the word Thusly which I've seen before. It's not a flippin word.

  7. You and I sound similar. I recently ranted about this very same issue only with different words.

    I'm new to your blog and I enjoyed it very much.

  8. This kinda piqued my interest...that's the problem with the English language...too many words...!

    Let's do contractions next :)

  9. Canna Ay turn off th' bloody spell check? I' doon hae a'ow'nces fae a' lang'ges y'ken? Ay maun be th' on'y ane ta'ks li'e thi', wot?

    @Betsy, please, please, pleeeease don't get him started on "quotations"...!

  10. OMG! If I had a dollar for everytime the god forsaken spell check tool sent me for a loop, we'd be sharing some greygoose indeed! I much prefer inventing my own words, so as not to fall prey..or is it pray (joking!) to the likes of these rants, which are well warranted. You should see some of the stuff I've let the world see (hanging head in shame) but when the thoughts come faster than my fingers can fly...it just can't be helped. Happy Friday! :)

  11. @Natasha: It's bad enough when I misspell something in haste or make a typographical error on a blog post. Those, I can correct. But it galls me when I make an error when leaving a comment, because those can't be edited later!

    Dew ewe no watt eye'm sane?

  12. I hear you! And nothing is worse than seeing "comment deleted by author" It's not like they know you put to instead of too...nothing like getting the cyber gossip mill churning! lol And I just read the above post as well...would love to see you and Betsy work together, and I hope she accepts the challenge!


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