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Time Scurries On -- A David'Z RantZ Post from 4/28/08

"Gimme cookie, dammit!"

One of the online newspapers I subscribe to via email is the British Reading a British newspaper gives me an idea of how another country -- a similar country, one which doesn't (yet) hate us, and one which more or less speaks the same language -- views the USA. Sometimes I even learn about things going on in the USA before I read about it in an American paper.

Plus, I'm entertained by their obituaries. They're generally dedicated to 1. World War II heroes, 2. lords or ladies with hyphenated names, or 3. American celebrities. But I digress.

Anyway, back in April of 2008, my eyes were immediately drawn to the headline of an article entitled, "Mutant threatening to wipe out grey squirrel." (And unfortunately, the article is no longer available online. I'll be using the briefest of quotes, to stay beneath the umbrella of "fair use." I actually contacted the way back when, to obtain permission to reprint extensive quotes, because I love you that much, dear readers! However, they would have charged me to do that. And frankly, I don't love you that much!)

My first thought was that they'd announced another sequel in the X-Men movie franchise, and that the plot was conceived by some moronic studio exec during the 2008 writers' strike. But no.

The article begins by telling us that the grey squirrel -- and I know that in the USA, "gray" is preferable to "grey," but I like using "grey," so freakin' deal with it -- is being supplanted in various areas of Britain by its "faster, fitter, and more aggressive black counterpart." The grey squirrels were themselves "introduced" to Britain more than 200 years back, and began "forcing out" the native red squirrels.

Well, I think some of us have already figured out what's really going on here, haven't we?

As always, we humans are projecting our prejudices onto these poor furry tree rats. Suddenly, a minority population is increasing, endangering the status quo. "They" are taking over. The humans are pissed, and as for the squirrels themselves?

They probably don't care too much.

But, you wanna know something? If I didn't know better, I'd say that this whole squirrel business was going on here, in the United States. I almost wondered if this was an actual news article, or an allegory dreamed up by a British novelist.

Look at what we have here. The minorities are beginning to outnumber the greys, or "grays." (And in this country, "gray" is right up there with "honky" and "cracker" as an ethnic slur against white people.) And these "greys" had originally taken the land from the "reds?" History does indeed repeat itself, dunnit?

(Okay, let me check again. Yup. This is going on in Great Britain, not North America.)

These uppity black squirrels first showed their dark & furry faces in Britain less than 100 years ago, but now comprise "half of all squirrels in some parts of the country" (emphasis mine), a confusing percentage, at best.

Yup, they're "taking over." Pretty soon all of our -- I mean, Britain's -- squirrel signage will have to be written in red, grey, and black squirrelspeak.

These black squirrels evidently have higher levels of testosterone, too, which makes them more aggressive and "territorial." Furthermore, the always fashion-conscious female grey squirrels are apparently lured toward the blacks' pigmentation. That makes me think of the looks I see on some people's faces as they pass interracial couples on the street. Some white-bread blonde babe -- and yeah, I prefer the word "blonde" with the final "e," too -- walks by on the arm of an African-American or a Latino, and there's usually some whitey nearby who is giving them a dirty look without even realizing that he or she is doing it.

Geneticists warn that the ever-expanding black squirrel population will probably "overrun most of the eastern counties" within ten or so years. And, horror of horrors, they're genetically able to interbreed with the greys, which would result in fuzzy little black or brown babies!

Blacks and browns? Oh, no! Miscegenation!

And not only that, but the blacks' impending takeover could further impact the dwindling population of red squirrels. One scientist was quoted as saying, "The small pockets of red squirrels that still exist already have to be protected because of the grey's dominance."

(Pockets? Or reservations? Hmm?)

Lindsey Maguire of the National Squirrel Rescue team -- and yes, Virginia, there apparently is a National Squirrel Rescue team -- says that the greys may eventually "get their 'just desserts' [sic]," no doubt meaning that it would serve us right after what we did to the Native Americans.

Wait, wait, wait! Scratch that last crack. I'm thinking of the United States again.

Ms. Maguire also wonders "how long it will be before we see a 'save the grey' campaign," as well she should.

I can see it now. Disgruntled groups of humans and grey squirrels, racists all, uniting to form a society of sorts. And they can come up with some sort of freakin' handbook simply by rewriting some White Supremacist literature.

Well, all I can say is... Nuts to you, you bigots!

Thanks for your time.


  1. My stepdad is from England and we went over there about 10 years ago. He had a lot of friends in the country and we stayed with them and even got to attend a British wedding. In speaking to some of the locals, I identified a problem with the many people from Pakistan moving into London and surrounding areas. People were even leaving London and moving to the English countryside to get away from it. Ironically, the #1 food in the country now is Indian food, though, so they don't seem to mind that so much!!! Yes, it exists everywhere. I think it's a territorial thing. I think people like to think of an area as "theirs" when, in actuality, it's just that the world is now a melting pot. You can live anywhere...nobody just stays in the same town where they were born like they used to.

  2. True. In the old days, people would often be born and die in the same house.

  3. well....seems the squirrels are no better off than we are...why does it always have to be about color...and vowel choice..i like grey...squirrels are on my list of favs though...they are so playful...when not killing each other off and being oppressive...

    1. Well, as I said, "The humans are pissed, and as for the squirrels themselves? They probably don't care too much." Ha.

  4. Canada uses the grey and cheque and stuff the Brits use, don't use wanker much though lol What goes around does come around, be nice if people could just be people and squirrels could just be squirrels, I mean we all like nuts in some shape or form, right? lol

  5. Replies
    1. Glad I didn't have you edit this post. Ha.

  6. Sadly this is all too common here in the states. It makes me so angry to hear people so disparagingly talk about Mexicans. It's almost as if they are viewed as less than human. So so sad.

    1. That's very true. My post may have been frivolous, but bigotry for real really pisses me off.


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