Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Terrific Tid-Bits -- PART THREE of a Two-Part "Comical Wednesday" Post

Well, fellow babies... The post I'd originally planned for this week's Comical Wednesday got away from me, so to speak, so I'm adding some little treats pertaining to last week's Mr. Terrific post! Part Three of Two, y'might say!

You can be Mr. Terrific in a role-playing game...

Omitted last time: The scene where Superman finds the fresh-killed body of Mr. Terrific, from JLA #171!

Veronica Sinclair, a villain known as Roulette, believes that Terry Sloane (also spelled "Sloan" over the years) was her grandfather (although storylines have suggested that he may be her great-uncle instead). Although she is a villainess, she operates within her own definitions of "fair play."And if she really admires the guy, why'd she let them color his uniform incorrectly here?

And, finally, you can create your own Mr. Terrific!

Next Week: Spotlight on two Canadian superheroes which spawned two American heroes!

Thanks for your time.


  1. nice...i am blowing that thing up and making it with my boys this weekend...we used to get cool stuff like that for joining fan clubs and stuff back in the day...

  2. always is nice heard more about Mr.Terrific:)

  3. hahaha Brian will have to give pics when that is done. Should be interesting to see.

    And two canucks you say, hmmm did you get that idea from a certain feline bay?

  4. Your post got away from you, you say? Gosh, I've never had a post just up and leave like that. The post that refused to be posted? lol...

    And Pat, you should do what Brian's doing...just cut out eye holes and put it on Orlin. ha. Don't forget to take a photo for us.

  5. I love role playing, but not with Mr. Terrific.


  6. @Brian: That sounds really cool! You can get a much bigger image if you right-click on it, and choose "open in new window."

    @Gloria: Well, this'll probably be the last time... for a while...

  7. @Pat: You bet! I tolja in one of your comments sections that I was inspired by some comic talk on your site.

  8. @Betsy: Yeah, the post that got away, but only for now. It'll be better next week.

  9. @Lola: I'd rather role-play with Ms. Terrific, actually.

  10. Sadly Betsy, Orlin would eat it before it ever got made..haha


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