Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Out to Lunch... or Something

Hi there, fellow babies! I'll bet you were expecting to see the Comical Wednesday post about Canadian comic book heroes that I've been talking about for two or three weeks, huh?

Oh, well. No such luck. I didn't finish it, and I'm not going to kill myself doing it.

Instead, here's a little illustration as a place-filling pacifier, sent with love to all my Canadian readers.

(Yep, all three of them.)

Be sure to check out Last Kiss!

And hey, just be glad I didn't hit you with another chapter of Two Ships!

Thanks for your time.


  1. Sigh. Oh come now, everyone knows that Nova Scotia is over there by Alaska! Just ask Pat!

  2. Nice:) but this sounds me when many time ago the people asked me where are Chile,and some people think Im from mexico (lol)

  3. hahaha this is funny because it is so true. Some people have no sense of direction, especially those down below our border. NS by Alaska I've heard more than once, pfft.

  4. close...very close...missed it by...that much...


  5. Pat ~ I think we US citizens as a whole are pretty ignorant in our geography. I had to learn the provinces of Canada in 5th grade but nothing since then. It's really a shame since we do share a continent afterall. :)

  6. Well! I'm going to answer all those comments at once.

    Yes, most Americans are very ignorant about Canada, as well as other countries... but there are a lot of other subjects about which we're also ignorant. But don't get me started...

  7. We study a lot of geography in School (lol) I know always where is USA, CANADA, Mexico, Japan, ha,ha etc,etc. (lol) Im kidding, seriousl I love geography and love study Atlas :)

  8. Seriously...the New Year's buzz in my igloo has been stronger than recent years of late...but you hosers gotta check your maps, eh! Nova Scotia is located right next to the 24 of Keiths between Olands and Moosehead.

  9. @Natasha: What are you doing here when there's a Two Ships chapter posted!


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