Saturday, March 26, 2011

Technology -- A "Sepia Saturday" Post

Every parent, so they say, dreams that his or her child (or children) will have a better life than the parent had. A better education, better financial status, a better marriage (if that applies), etc.

There were more technological advances during the span of my mother's life than I could list, even in a post of my usual entry's length. And say what you will about some of the downsides of "progress," we certainly have it easier in many more ways than those who lived in 1917, when my mother was born.

My mom lived to see high-definition, flat-screen televisions. When she was born, radio hadn't even entered its golden age. Commercial air travel hadn't even gotten off the ground... errr... so to speak. And I could go on.

Even during my own childhood, computers were enormous monstrosities that filled half a room. Using one of those babies as a "laptop" would crush you to death.

Now, of course, we have "personal computers."

And we have eBay.

Thanks to eBay, I now own something my own mother never got to own (due to its expense), but should have: Her high school yearbook, from 1935!

Northern Lights was the name of the yearbooks issued by North High School in Worcester, Massachusetts (during the 1930s, anyway). I recently purchased one at a relatively modest sum from an eBay dealer. The copy I own was originally the property of Alice I. Maki, an attractive blonde whom I can only assume is no longer with us... like my mom.

Upon receiving it, I read the thing cover to cover before leaving the post office lobby, looking for my mother's main yearbook entry, and any other listings, photos, etc. of my mom's senior year. There weren't many. I'm sure her chores at home kept her from being a social butterfly.

But I did expect at least one or two music-related activities, and I wasn't disappointed.

It didn't take me long to spot my mom's photo among the many students shown above.

It would have been nice if I'd thought to look for this a few years ago, when my mom was not only alive, but when her vision was still good enough for her to appreciate such a find. At least I have the comfort of knowing that it's not something I thought of and then characteristically put off doing until it was too late. That would bother me.

Before I even received my package, it occurred to me that, even if she had never owned one herself, my mom might have autographed Alice's copy. And I was right!

That was a nice touch. Almost like a brief note from my mom to her son and daughter, which "only" waited 75 years before we got to see it.

Gotta love eBay.

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Thanks for your time.


  1. I can't imagine how excited you were to not only find the yearbook on ebay, but then get the winning bid! The cover alone is gorgeous!

    Your mom was a beauty! Love the choir picture, too...way in the back! Her blouse with the tie around the neck is lovely, too.

    And..I agree that her signature was just the icing on the cake!

    I was just talking the other day with a friend about all of the advancements in our world in the last 100 years. It is truly amazing. This conversation was with another housewife about just what had to be done to get a meal on the table. The work that went into it was incredible. We have so many conveniences now.

    Very nice post, Silver! xo

  2. The cat is here
    And don't fear
    Quite fine just alot going on
    So a new post might be up by dawn

    Anyway must have been great to get the book
    And give a thorough look
    Yes I know technology has just gotten vast
    compared to the past
    Running water and toilets are really nice
    I wouldn't want to run out in the winter and slip on ice
    Things aren't always for the better though
    As there is a downside to each new show
    But for the most part we are better off
    Even though some would scoff
    But who knows what will happen now
    As it can already wow
    Should be interesting to see
    And that is all from me

  3. @Betsy: I lucked out as far as bidding. It was a "Buy It Now" at a fixed price. Once I determined it was the right one, I nailed it... not that I think there would have been much competition.


    So nice to see that you're not dead,
    But just a busy boy instead.

    I've seen so many changes come
    Since you were born, my northern chum!
    Progress has ramped up quite a bit
    Since you were just a little...



  4. I love this story. You were so fortunate to find your moms yearbook on ebay. What a find. I feel so sad that your mom. Wasn't able to see it with you.
    Ladies of the grove

  5. @Barbara and Nancy: Yeah, it is sad. Wish I'd thought of it sooner, like when I was spending about a third of my income on freakin' eBay anyway!

  6. Quite exciting discovery!

    I wish I could remember where I put my folks books, but then I don't even know where I put mine.

  7. The last part really grabbed me. To think you could buy the correct yearbook off Ebay and then, find your mother's signature! Too cosmic for words. Your mom is speaking to you. sniff

  8. Oh my goodness...that is so cool! I'm sure you will treasure the year book. And having the signature there is AMAZING! I love how she made her "A"...very unique.

  9. This was some find, even without the signature, but that takes it to another level. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Oh yes, and how about ...

    "Since you were just a little one"

  11. What a find! thanks for sharing

  12. Now I wish I knew what high schools my parents attended!

  13. What a great treasure, how wonderful that you now have this to keep. Your mother is lovely.

  14. To All: Thanks for your comments. I'll be visiting your SS posts as time permits, over the next couple of days!

  15. This is a great post, and it's funny that you bring up the year book...I actually was searching to find my grandmothers....something a few years ago I had no idea you could even do! Thanks for sharing!

  16. You gotta love eBay. And you gotta love the technology which enabled you to track down and acquire the Yearbook after all those years. It's a great story, a great find. And you gotta love the way we can all share the enjoyment of the story. I smiled with pleasure as I read your post, and I can't think of a better test for a great post than that.

  17. What a lucky find - well done on your Ebay treasure! :-) Jo

  18. Even if she didn't live to see it, it's wonderful that you found it. The signature is an extra prize. I love your description of all of the advancements during your Mom's lifetime. It is amazing when you stop to think about it.

  19. Oh that was a good shot at Pat
    I have to say I like that
    You're becoming almost as bad as the cat
    With your comeback rhyming chat

  20. You should buy a lottery ticket! I wonder what the odds were against yo making a find like this. A must keep treasure after all that time.
    A pleasure to read and view.

  21. That's so exciting that you were able to find her yearbook. No doubt she would have enjoyed looking at it and perhaps telling stories about her high school years, but that you have it and her autograph, too, it simply wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


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