Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm Just a Poe Boy... I Need No Sympathy.

My writing partner Skip Simpson and I haven't posted anything on our Simpson/Lynch Studios blog since last freakin' October.

Well, ye olde Silver Fox has just posted a little news bulletin of sorts on the SnL site. So, as the old saying goes, "be there or be square," fellow babies!

Thanks for your time... and welcome to our nightmare!*

*With apologies to Alice Cooper!


  1. So dear old Pat
    Took over for the cat
    At your other blog
    That was buried in Fog
    Bever knew that was there
    Or this cat might have got in your hair
    Just wanted to say nice work
    Love that I came to lurk
    Hope it does well
    And you can sell
    The cat could think of something like that
    But I can't draw not even a hat..lol

  2. OK...going to check it out, Silver!

  3. AFLAC! AAAFFFLACKKK!!! (just practicing for my audition). Once the Silver Fox hears that it comes with a multi-million dollar contract, he'll be screaming like a duck into a microphone too.

  4. @Pat: I can't draw, either, which is why I'm glad I teamed up with Skip years ago.

    @Betsy: Yes, you did. :)

    @Skip: I will not. Uhhh... Did you say "multi-million?"

    @Megan: Yep. For reals.


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