Wednesday, March 30, 2011

David'Z RantZ ~~ "Sleeping In"

Usually, when I complain about changes in the English language, some defensive so-and-so points out that English is a "living" language, and as such, is constantly evolving... and I need to "get over it." Big freakin' deal. I accept that fact. I only object when:

1. The changes are stupid ones, and
2. I wasn't consulted. (Da noive!)

In past blogs, I've commented on terms like "my bad" (Your bad what? "Bad" is an adjective!), and the tendency to say that one has an "attitude" (Don't we all? Who says it has to be a bad attitude?) or an "agenda" (Again, don't we all? An agenda doesn't have to be a self-serving, devious, hidden agenda, does it? If I'm planning to go to the bank and the post office on my day off, isn't that an "agenda?").

Today I want to bitch about discuss the term "sleeping in."

I seem to be the only one nowadays who doesn't use "sleeping in" to mean "sleeping late."

If you're "sleeping in," fellow babies, that just means that you're not sleeping out.

And if you're sleeping out... you're camping, I guess. Or something.

Just sayin'.

Thanks for your time.


  1. My apologies for saying 'sleeping in' on my sidebar today. I thought 'sleeping in' was short for 'sleeping into the morning' or something like that. My bad. Ooops.

  2. Cute. But... "sleeping into the morning?" Never heard that! Huh. Is that where it came from, or are you guessing?

  3. You never heard of it because everyone uses the abbreviation 'sleeping in'. :)
    And yes, I'm guessing.

  4. @Betsy: See? That's what I mean about people not consulting me! ;-)

    @Brian: Me, too. Been a long time, though.

  5. According to my dictionery, the term "sleeping in" refers to, 1. To sleep at one's place of employment: a butler and a chauffeur who sleep in.
    2. a. To oversleep: I missed the morning train because I slept in.
    b. To sleep late on purpose: After this week's work, I will sleep in on Saturday.
    You should consult the dictionery before you post something. So sad.

  6. @Sharpie: "Never assume because..." Well, you know the rest. I did do a Google search for "sleeping in" and my results were disappointing, to say the least. ("Sleeping in Florence?!?") The dictionary -- that's with an "a," btw, so sad -- entries you listed say how the term is used. I already knew that, Sparky. :) I do like Betsy's suggestion that it's a shorter form of something else. How typically American, eh?

  7. The GLW is often found sleeping in ... sleeping in the morning, sleeping in the afternoon, sleeping in the cinema... you name it, she's slept in it.

  8. hmmm I must agree some of it is so dumb
    Making people sound like a bum
    But then people are lazy and always shorting their words
    As they like just being turds
    But then it becomes so common you know what they mean
    So going along with it makes you just as much a fein
    Not that you do as you clearly don't
    But the cat sometimes won't
    Bother to correct at all
    As it just leads to a stale
    Unless of course I can make fun
    Then I'm sure to get it done
    Sleeping in is the same as sleeping out
    But with the later it's what happens before sleeping that keeps me out and about

  9. Uh oh. I think I'm in trouble here. My bad. :D

  10. "My bad" is on my high irritation list but have you seen the newly elected non-words by Websters Dictionary? OMG LOL and others. Jeesh.

    ps. word veri: diongr


  11. I so prefer sleeping out to sleeping in :) nestled under a blanket of stars. And honestly, sleeping in or sleeping late has lost all meaning to me. Rather a necessary chore to sustain life. I do it my way:) (Also love Frank Sinatra and the crooners...but love Sid Vicious more:) Thanks for the visit today :)

  12. @Natasha: Are you familiar with Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers (as I assume you are)? I have an interesting story or two to share with you sometime, if you're interested. I've met a few of the Ramones, as well, on different occasions.

  13. are indeed speaking my language, 24hrs ago I wanted to be sedated...but that would have most certainly led to sleeping in! :) Would love to hear your tales!

  14. I have followed your urge and signed up for follow~ups...hence this additional comment :)

  15. Beat on the Brat
    And California Sun is where it's at

  16. You can beat on a brat
    with a baseball bat
    but I wouldn't recommend it
    Merry Christmas, I don't want to fight tonight
    I did survive Rock and Roll highschool but only have a Blitzkreig bop to show for it...all I ask you to remember is that I don't want to be buried, in a pet, oh, let's go! :)

  17. @Natasha: I'll try to write a post someday about my brushes with the New York punk crowd... although they all took place in the '90s!


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