Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Mother of a Day -- a "Sepia Saturday" Post

Left to right: My Aunt Josie, my Uncle Eddie,
Anita (my Mom), and my Uncle Joe, late 1920s

I didn't have time to scan all the photos I wanted to scan in order to post a "proper" Sepia Saturday entry this week about my family's history, but since tomorrow is Mother's Day, I felt I had to do something to mention my own Mom.

As I've said so many times lately on this blog, my mother recently died. Sorry to keep referencing her passing, but it's obviously something that would have a huge effect on my life... and I know -- "know," not assume" -- that virtually all my readers understand.

I set up at a local flea market every Sunday, selling various collectibles. This will be the first year I don't have to rush to my mother's place afterwards to give her a card, buy her a meal -- the last few years she kept saying "Don't keep giving me gifts. You kids will have too much junk to get rid of after I'm gone!" -- or whatever to celebrate "her" day.

In other words, this year's Mother's Day is gonna kinda suck.

Nevertheless, Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

For the full story of this shot -- "Pigeon-Toed" -- click here!

My mother in the early 2000s

Thanks for your time.


  1. Love the sweet sentiments to your mom, David. And the old photos are always!

  2. You mother was a darling little girl.
    I know how much you must miss her. You're right, many of us are feeling the same way this Mother's Day.

  3. Your mother must have been very proud and pleased to have a son like you. I'm sure she's smiling down upon you now.
    This was a charming post.


  4. David: I never stop missing my mother. Today I put together a small grouping of her favorite songs on the player I embed on both blogs, I can play it while I read blogs and write and it somehow brings me close to her. Mother died in 1997 and her death was a relief to all, including, I am sure, her. She was partially paralyzed the last 18 mos of her life thanks to strokes. She would now be 95 had she lived. I don't think she ever wanted to live THAT long but I wish she'd had a happier ending. Oh gosh, now I'm going on and remembering. But, that what we do. It's love.

  5. Good post David. I always like your family pics and the stories that go with them. I spoke to my mom today as well as my daughter and daughter-in-law. Although I wasn't with them, this was the BEST Mother's Day ever. I could not ask for more.

    I have been treated to brunch, scallops and shrimp and a movie plus a lot of TLC. Hope all the mothers had a great day and a warm glow. ;)

  6. Wonderful picture of them on the steps. My thoughts are with you, David, on this first Mother's Day without her. xx

  7. The kind of post that gives you a warm feeling. You can feel the love, even from all these miles away.

  8. Another touching post about your Mom, David...Thanks for writing it!

  9. Great sepia Photos. I enjoyed looking at them.


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