Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Everybody Sing Along!

Finally, my great friend and writing partner, Skip Simpson, and his ex-wife (and my newest friend), Sandy Herbert, have confirmed (on Skip's blog) what I've known about for a while: They've not only gotten back together, but two years from yesterday -- I'm posting this just after midnight on May 26th -- they're getting remarried!

Well, you know I couldn't let such an announcement pass without more than a little fanfare, so I'm giving you an instrumental (and shortened) version of "Love and Marriage," the classic by Frank Sinatra which was used as the theme for Married with Children, with my own lyrics available right below it so you can follow along!

Skip and Sandy

Skip and Sandy, Skip and Sandy,
Back together and it's all just dandy!
Screw the stormy weather,
It's Skip and Sandy, back together!

Skip and Sandy, Skip and Sandy,
Like Hume Cronyn and his wife, Jess Tandy,
I hate to use "forever,"
But they'll grow old'n'grey together!

Serenading her outside her home...
He's so romantic!
True, at first, she almost called the cops...
The girl was frantic!

Skip and Sandy, Skip and Sandy,
She's the cultured one, and he's just randy!
Whips... and chains... and leather...
It's sweet and pure!
(Good luck to her!)
It's "goo-goo," sure!
But they're together!

Congratulations, Skip & Sandy!

And thanks for your time.


  1. You are too funny! Yes, congratulations to the both of them! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the special song (and it is special). I woke up to it this morning...Skip was prancing and singing and smiling. It was quite the show.
    Thanks again!

  3. @Sandy: Please tell me he was wearing something when he did that...!

  4. That was a very nice ting you did. My only complant is the "She's cultured, he's randy" line. Okay... so Sandy has a Master's Degree in Business Administration & Marketing and I hav a few year of colege... but I fell I am much mor sophistimacated that she is. Pleze chang that line to reflects upons my superor intelectts. Thank oous.

  5. @Skip: Aw, gee, ol' buddy, no offense meant... but in my search for rhymes for "Sandy" and "together," the best alternate line I could come up with was "She's the cultured one, and he's Fred Grandy," and I figured a lot of people would miss the "Gopher" comparison. (Besides, Grandy's a Republican!)

  6. Tell Skip it can work. My husband and I remarried after a 3 year divorce we lovingly refer to as our "desperately needed hiatus from one another." That was in 1984. We're still married.

    btw, 20% of divorced couples remarry.

  7. I think that "desperately needed hiatus from one another" is a great way to put it!!! There are two famous but conflicting quotes: "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" and "Out of sight is out of mind." I think the one that's "true" depends on what you have at the core of a relationship. Glad your situation turned out so well.

  8. We made it past the 25th this year. I am sure Skip will keep you posted on our status. Right now it would be "pretty damned happy." This song keeps running through my head...Skip and Sandy, lalalala!


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