Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Tippy's Lessons" ~~ A "Theme Thursday" PET Post

Wow. I haven't done a "Theme Thursday" post in quite a while, have I?

This one ought to make you all wonder...

I originally wrote this one-pager about ten years ago, in response to a situation involving a close friend named Jennifer. (She was one of approximately 47 Jennifers I've met in the last thirty years or so, several of whom have become quite close to me, at least for a time. I've always enjoyed "one-on-one" time with my closest friends, but Jennifer was so popular that there were always visitors -- mostly guys -- because Jen was fun to be around, and frankly, somewhat easily seduced.

Anyway, the little story I wrote for her wasn't about her, exactly. It was about one of my pets! My first pet, a cat named Tippy. (And no, I didn't name him!)

I didn't have time to transcribe the story, so you're stuck with a scan of the original. Sorry! In order to read it, right-click on it and open it in a new tab or window, please! Hopefully, you'll be able to read it then!

Thanks for your time.


  1. Heh, heh! Sounds like Tippy made a smart move! And yes, the real dominant life-form on this planet is the cat, and we humans are but their servants.

  2. smiles. yeah, those are some nice lessons...and it sure makes it easy to care for my cat. welcome back to TT!

  3. I know a Jennifer too. There are a few about.

  4. I enjoyed your "Tippy" story and I'm pondering which conclusion applied to Jennifer. ;)

  5. I get the first lesson but I don't get the second- wait a minute, maybe I do. I've presently got six cats here and my sister brings her dog to work here every day and now she's babysitting with her daughter's ancient, ailing dog who also comes to work every day. I think I get it!

  6. I'm surrounded with too many and too much, but I am so self-centered that I don't notice.

    So there is probably no reason to "move on"...but cats usually have the right idea.

  7. Help! I can't make it bigger..even in a new window it's too small. How come I'm the only one who can't read it? LOL! Hey, it to me? thanks.

  8. Now that I've read, you had a lot of pets growing up! I'm envious as we were never allowed to have any.

    Ants? Can't say I ever wanted an ant farm.

    Orson will never run've spoiled him way too much! :)

  9. @Roy: So true, so true.

    @Brian: Thanks. Been a while... mainly because I NEVER have time to read 'em all any more. :-(

    @Kris: Billions and billions, it (sometimes) seems...

    @Tammy: I re-read my post, and realized I left out an important chunk in the intro (which I wrote in a rush last night)! Oops. The new, edited version should clear up any confusion.

    @Barabara and Nancy (Uhh, which one am I replying to?): Yep, you got it, all right!

    @Steveroni: "I am so self-centered that I don't notice." I like the way you think.

    @Betsy: You "can't make it bigger?" [Silver Fox decides not to make any of the obvious comments.] Uhhh... Have a nice day, doll!

  10. @Betsy: Ant farms are great... if you don't mind helping them pick those tiny, tiny crops they grow...

  11. cute pet,
    lovely lessons,
    remarkable post.

  12. I like the story of Tippy a lot. Of course, being a cat person, I know all about the streak of independence they enjoy. But the lesson about too many other critters signaling time to move on, well, that's just wise. No surprise, though, because cats know things.


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