Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Very Personal "Flash 55"

A "Flash 55" is a story told in exactly 55 words. Several Blogger-bloggers -- VE, for example -- use this format on a regular basis. I'm the wordy type, as you doubtlessly have noticed, but I've decided to try my hand -- and I mean "my hand" literally, since I'm not supposed to be using my left arm, if at all possible -- at one of these Flash 55 stories. Yeah, me! Who'da thunk it? Although it is the perfect format for someone experiencing my current medical conditions...

Anyway, here's an autobiographical work of fiction, appropriately entitled "A Very Personal Flash 55."

* * * * *

The Silver Fox sat down to write Friday's "Flash 55" post, to prove that he could be that brief. He thought, If I can just set my mind to it...

Unfortunately, there was one major, unanticipated stumbling block. His story remained unwritten. He couldn't decide whether the word count should include... "Thanks for your time."


  1. lol. a wonderful 55 silver fox...intensely personal as well. smiles.

  2. are TOO funny. Yes, nice and brief for your arm's sake. :) Hope you're doing well today...or at least a wee bit better.

  3. Great job, Foxter. Kinda fun exercise, isn't it?

    What no whips and chains? Always next week!

  4. Ha ha ha.
    This is SO PERSONAL but
    I have been there,
    just did not get the chance to write it.

    Poor you, take care of yourself.
    We are here for your 55,
    when you are well and ready.


  5. @Brian: I feel sorry for any new readers. They won't get it.

    @Betsy: What I need is a pretty nurse to stay with me 24/7 and make sure I'm following my doctor's instructions. If she can type for me, too, so much the better.

    @Ronda: And naturally, the "whips and chains" reference will make no sense to anyone we don't consort with on Facebook...

    @ShAKirA: You're still fairly new to my site, so I wasn't sure if you'd get the "thanks for your time" reference.

  6. Ok, honestly, I do not know
    what that means...
    I would have thought,
    that literally means,
    thank you for my time for stopping by?
    please enlightened me?


  7. @ShAKirA: Well, you're right, of course, when I write "thanks for your time," it's meant to do just that, thank the readers that they took the time to read what I wrote. But it's almost an in-joke here, because no matter what the subject, I always end my posts with those four words, or a (usually humorous) variation. And my regular readers are used to it.

  8. I've not been here before but I saw your avatar on G-man's and was intrigued by that and your blog name - I love Cary Grant!

    Great 55, you summarised the difficuly in writing 55s very well!

    Mine's up too. :)

  9. ((giggles)) you are so cute

    I can see by your avatar, you are back to your old self. Judy, Judy, Judy...and all that.

  10. @Akelamalu: A new reader (and another Scorpio, no less)? Welcome! Hope you decide to return.

    @Willow: Well, I decided to leave the "Foxsterish" icons to my alter ego himself. In the interests of characterization (not to mention MPD), "he" now has his very own profile, which I've linked to on the SnL blog!

    And... [flying in the air, doing his best "Rudolph" impersonation] I'M CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!

  11. Cute, a 55 about a 55 that is in fact not written, eventhough of course it was, or was it?

  12. @Peter: Now I'm confused. And I wrote it!

  13. David ~ I do agree a pretty nurse would do you much least distract you from your pain. ha.

  14. @Betsy: There's so much I could add to that... but not here, certainly...

  15. [flying in the air again, doing his best "Rudolph" impersonation] I'M CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!

  16. See...I knew you could pull it off! No, not your arm...the Flash 55! ;)

    Nicely done!

    Here's my 55 here

  17. Lol! That was a very funny story indeed!

  18. @VE: I've already read your post, and recommend it to one & all!

  19. Ha. I like these light and humorous 55's. My 55 is HERE .

  20. to see that in person! Watch the landing now...don't hurt your arm.

  21. Brevity being the soul of wit, you managed to display both your sense of humor and your succinct summation of the 55 conundrum.

    Like you, I do real. Welcome to Friday 55.

  22. See...?
    That wasn't hard at all was it?
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    Thank you for the visit, and thanks for playing today.
    Next Friday...
    Same Time, Same Place!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  23. handsome men with a sense of humor! Fatal combination!


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