Wednesday, February 3, 2010

David'Z RantZ: This Changing World


The other night, I was shopping at the local supermarket, and since I've been feeling rather sickly lately, I decided to stock up -- no pun intended -- on soups.

Ordinarily, when cold & flu season arrives, I make up a gallon or so of my own kick-ass chicken soup, an extra-spicy concoction which I call "The god's Honest Soup" [sic]. The "god" part -- note the small "G" -- is a reference to one of the many unofficial titles my friends have given to me over the years, "the god of trivia." This stuff doesn't just cure a cold, it can cure leprosy, a broken leg, erectile dysfunction... But I digress.

Since -- as regular readers of this blog are all too aware -- I've been reserving what little ambition I've had lately for the Simpson/Lynch Studios: Pleasantview blog, I decided to buy several ready-made soups. And while I was looking among the soups, I looked for what every supermarket used to have, at least, in my neck of the woods: the unofficial "Snow's" chowder section.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Snow's brand, they make chowder, primarily. New England Clam Chowder. Manhattan Clam Chowder. Seafood Chowder (my personal favorite). Corn Chowder. Chicken Corn Chowder. Possum Corn Chowder. Humpback Whale Chowder. Okay, okay maybe not those last two, but still... that's an awful lotta chowders! (And I do pronounce it as "chowder," and not "chowda," because even though I'm from Massachusetts, it doesn't mean I sound like one of the Kennedys)!

I looked, and looked, and couldn't find any Snow's products! I almost walked up to a stockboy to ask if the Snow's company had gone out of business. (Yeah, like he'd know!)

And then I saw it. A few rows of Snow's New England Clam Chowder, both condensed and "ready to serve." (That second choice means that you get half the value for your money, presumably a penalty for being lazy.) But no Manhattan Clam Chowder, and none of the other chowders, either.

So. There's a lot less "Snow's" on the shelves these days.

Therefore, there obviously is something to this "Global Warming" thing.

Thanks for your time.

P.S. -- I usually strive to keep this blog non-political, so if you want to use my silly punchline as the opportunity to start a serious argument about the pros and cons of the whole "climate change" issue in my comments section... please don't. Dis ain't de place, fellow babies. I'll switch to comment moderation, and all intelligent and/or gut-level responses will never see the light of day! Just sayin'.


  1. Mmm...I'll take me some of that Snow's Possom chowda! (I'm never in political)

  2. Chowder sounds wonderful. The Mister always orders it when we go out. But what I'm really interested in is your homemade cure-all-that-ailes you soup. :)

  3. This wouldn't have happened if they hadn't had passed that gul-durn Hoot-Smalley Act, by krackey!

  4. @Willow: I used to like the Humpback Whale Chowder, but it was discontinued. Seems enough of them weren't turning up on the beaches...

    @Betsy: Personally, I always order the Boneless Buffalo Wings, which is why the Foxster insured that they ended up on the Kewl Beanz! menu, along with Buffalo Chicken Omelette and the Alaskan Pollock Sandwich, which is actually a superior version of McDonald's Filet-O-Fish! But I digress.

    "The god's Honest Soup" varies slightly in each incarnation, as there's no official recipe. Instead, it's kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants chicken soup, with enough additives to help you lose weight, grow hair, and balance your checkbook. In years gone by, I've made huge batches, frozen most of the results, and given pints or quarts to friends who were ill.

    Skip: Hey, I said don't get political! By krackey...

    I need coffee...............

  5. you know they have to pay for "slotting" in supermarkets. Snow's may not be bellying up to that paarticular bar. The grocery business is a sleazy one. Alot of payments for end aisle displays, promotion, etc. Best thing to do is fill out a customer card and ask to be contacted re: this. Sound extreme? I did it over a salad drsg I adored. Both stores responded.

  6. @California Girl: Extreme? Not to someone like myself! I used to drink a lot of the SoBe brand black iced tea. Then it disappeared from local convenience store and supermarket shelves. I used to travel over the state line into Connecticut, to a variety store that had some, like some people do to buy liquor or tax-free cigarettes. Once I'd bought out that store's supply, I had to go cold turkey. I went online to the SoBe site, and found that they still made it. I emailed them for the closest locations that carried it, and they obliged. Sadly, I have yet to get any, because the closest place that has it is 45 miles away! Maybe someday, I'll schedule a day trip so I can go and buy 47 cases or so... but probably not.

  7. Now that you mention it, I do believe Stop & Shop no longer carries Snow's. Not that I miss it; I make just about everything I eat from scratch, seeing as how they insist on dumping all kinds of garbage in pre-made stuff like that. They always make that stuff too salty and too sweet, and the garbage they add to make it that way will kill you. So I buy fresh clams and 'taters and onions and all and get to work. It's tastier that way, too.

    BTW, do you put chopped fresh cilantro in your killer chicken soup? Try it, you'll love it!

  8. @Roy: Gee, something about your comment just made me lose my appetite. ;-)

    As far as cilantro goes, wasn't "Cilantro" a villain in one of the Bond films? No? Okay, I will try it sometime, seriously. Thanks for the tip.

  9. My daughter, Cassy, LOVES Snow's corn chowder and we can not get it in Florida or North Carolina (two of the places we live) so whenever we get to New Hampshire, we stock up and buy her 10 cans of it! Good stuff!

  10. I like buffalo long as their really hot! :)

    coffee's a good choice. ha.

  11. A clam in a can? Fresh is best I'm afraid. I've noticed supermarkets here denuding their brand range too.Loads of 'home brand' and generic stuff but if I see Cardini's Caesar Dressing I buy a ton of it. Rare as hen's teeth.

  12. Here's a cup of tea for you Mr. Fox. A little lemon and honey in it to make you feel better. And it's in a black mug and wrapped in get well wishes. ;)

  13. Awwww, and you came all the way over here to give it to me!

  14. Absolutely! OK...back to Ohio now before the snow storm comes! Bye! Feel better!

  15. Hey, drop by anytime. The Foxster lives in Alabama, but I'm a lot closer, in Massachusetts!

  16. You should buy a pallet and dump it into the street...people can't drive in Snow you know! It's quite entertaining...

  17. Another fun trick is to run down to the dollar store, buy a bunch of cheap cooking oil, and dump that all over the street. Fun for the entire family, as those old ad slogans used to say!

    I can understand it when people in, say, Texas, get an inch or two of snow and can't drive without several highway fatalities. But I am constantly amazed when I'm driving in Massachusetts, and people who encounter it several times each year can't drive in it! Whatta buncha maroons!


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