Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The SEVENTH (and Final) "Best of David'Z RantZ" Entry

This week marks the second anniversary of David'Z RantZ, my first blog on Blogger, and the blog I "retired" in March of last year. Today's post wraps up my week-long salute to... myself!

* * * * *

During the two years I've been a "Blogger-blogger," I've changed my profile icon several times. My very first profile picture looked like it was swiped from an episode of South Park. Not quite. Actually, I created my South Park doppelgänger on this website, and it's only one illustration in the following story, a story [he intoned oh-so-dramatically] "...of my beginning... and my probable end!" (Quote freely "borrowed" from "There Is No Hope in Crime Alley," Detective Comics #457, written by Denny O'Neil.)

Here it is:

The Saga of David in South Park

David as a boy, before anyone ever really knew him...
including himself. (That's a toy gun, of course!)

David in his early twenties, fighting
a pre-emptive war against the world.

David as he is today, older and... wiser?

The Spirit of David-Yet-to-Come, older, befuddled, and
drinking a sissy drink with a freakin' parasol in it, no less!

A gravy-stained David. Even older. Even more
befuddled. No longer allowed even sissy drinks
with freakin' parasols in them. One last hurrah,
as he tries to recapture his happy childhood.
(That's a toy gun, of course!)

Oops. Damn. Guess it wasn't a toy gun,
this time around... !

"One last hurrah," indeed!

Thanks for your time.

* * * * *

Tomorrow: Back to relative normality around here, with a very special new post about a very serious subject.


  1. LOL! Oh yes, your profile pic changes a lot, but I'd recognize you anywhere! ;)

  2. @Betsy: You would? Oh, crap. It's always harder to stalk... I mean... umm... that is... uhh... Oh, never mind!

  3. Yep. That was definitely you in your early 20's!

  4. @Shakira: Thanks. And speaking of lovely profile pictures... (Sorry. You're new here. I shamelessly flirt with most of the married women!)


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