Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Story Behind the Cover! ~~ A "Comical Wednesday" Post

Love that cover. "We are not dead, we are alive... No one believes us!!" Well, if a bunch of shrunken heads told me they were alive, I'd take their word for it.

So, what's up with that cover? Well, to make a long story short, the cover above -- well, a better-looking copy of it -- was the image on a postcard sent to me by my British friend, News from Nowhere's Alan Burnett. So, in Alan's honor, I am going to do something a bit different for today's Comical Wednesday post and focus on a single comic book story!

Now then, from 1951's Mysterious Adventures #5 -- and courtesy of the highly-recommended website, Digital Comic Museum -- here's the story based on the cover... or the story that inspired the cover. (Take your pick.) I'll keep my own blatherings to a minimum.

Eternal life, somehow worse than death? Hmmm...

The story begins as a plane crashes in the South American jungle. David Murdstone is the sole survivor, but he is near death!

The natives bring David to their priestess, the "snake mother," Konocry.

The Pool of Eternity. Sounds ominous. Konocry is cautioned against using the pool to revive David, by the "old hag" -- Hey, the narration calls her that! -- Mala.

I like the way Konocry thinks!

But the other natives rush in and take Konocry away!

David's not thrilled with the idea of going alone into the jungle, even when the natives tell him he's immortal now!

Ouch! I'll bet that hurts! Don't you love all the torture and death in this kiddie comic book?

Anyway, David cuts Konocry down and plans to save her life!

Why did Mala's ghost show up for one panel only? Hey, why not?

The natives catch David and Konocry, and the chief is royally ticked off!

Uh-oh... Ever hear of the Jivaros...?

And so ends our tale. As an afterthought, I'd like to show you a sample of artist Lou Cameron's work (for Classics Illustrated) a few years later, when he was quite a bit better!

And thanks for your time!


  1. Wow that was a bit brutal an ending, head on a pike. At least they can still talk to one another lol

    1. See? Every cloud has that silver lining!

  2. i would hope the person i was next to was not a big talker you would ever get peace and quiet...ha...what a story...

    1. That's an interesting way to look at it, Brian...

  3. Yes they die but can talking AMazing!lol

  4. Now if you are going to start providing us with the fascinating back stories to cards sent to you, I suspect I am going to be tempted to send you another one.

    1. As long as 1. the book's on Digital Comic Museum, and 2. The cover actually has a related story inside -- a lot of them didn't -- I'll be glad to!

  5. So cool to see this. As a comic fan I love seeing how far they came. The art the story lines, I have some of the old World's Finest and I still love picking through them.

  6. Yeah, I'm fascinated by comic book history. Comic strips, too.


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