Saturday, June 1, 2013

David'Z RantZ: "Our Time Is Valuable, Too!"


Whenever my primary care physician refers me to another doctor, I go through the same b.s.

Since I'm a new patient, I have to fill out all sorts of personal information.

However, each new doctor requires (mostly) the same information as did all those before him (or her).

Also, they often tell me that for my first visit with a doctor, I should show up half an hour before my appointment's actual scheduled time. So I should be there at 10:30 for an 11:00 appointment?

I don't think so.

If you want me at 10:30, schedule me for 10:30! Or better yet, why don't you all get together and save me that half hour -- my time is valuable, too -- by linking to one big computer system and having all that extra information you demand at your fingertips so I don't have to keep writing it. (It'll be my responsibility to update said information with each new doctor, if necessary.)

That way, instead of showing up early, I'll show up on time and give you a card showing my... oh, let's call it my Universal Medical Goo Goo Number! 

(A similar system could work for  those of us who need to fill out job applications. "Here's my Universal Goo Goo Number!" And if the job in question has any questions relating to this job itself, they can give me those questions on (probably) a 3" by 5" index card!


While I'm ranting about doctors, I've noticed that doctors have started charging patients for missed appointments, because the doctor's time is so valuable.

Wonder if I could get away with charging them whenever they keep me waiting half an hour or longer? I won't charge much, just... oh, let's say $25 per half hour that they keep me waiting.

Hey, it's only fair.

Thanks for your time.


  1. i hear you man...think i might have to start charging for them making me wait....

    1. We should try that en masse! That'll fix them.

  2. My doc said it was Obama Care that made the waits longer all of a sudden. It was such a noticeable length in wait time that I asked him about it! All the new more just jotting with a pen in your file to document your appointment...they have to do so much more. Crazy. So it's quantity over quality...and you know how I hate that! haha.

    1. I suppose we'll never get to a point where doctors (and many others) are tied up in less red tape. I wonder why they don't consider that everything will take longer when scheduling their appointments. They'd probably answer that they're merely trying to deal with at least as many patients as before, which leads to things like double booking... I suppose there's no quick answer. But why should we pay (in terms of time)?

      And yeah, I've heard you mention the quantity over quality thing before. Love that.

    2. yeah, quality over quantity is always better...even though you like it the other way around. ha.

      Just came home from a dr. appointment. Was there 90 minutes and saw the doctor 5 minutes!

    3. Great. You get to charge him for 85 minutes. :)

  3. I waited for longer periods of time at doctor's offices when I lived in Illinois for seven years than I have for the past four years living in Florida. I think care varies from one area to another. I've always had to fill out reams of paperwork at every doctor's office, and when Favorite Young Man and The Hurricane were younger I had to do the same for them. I agree with everything you say, and I'd love a change, too. Many doctors now have signs up that say they'll charge you if you don't give 24 hours notice that you need to cancel, but a couple of times I've had car trouble or been too sick to go out (it's funny to be too sick to go to the doctor) and have called an hour or so before my appointment; to date, no one has charged me for being the lazy slacker I am.


    1. Too sick to go to the doctor. That's cute.

      For me personally, #1 is much more of a problem than #2. As one ages, so does the need to see those damned "specialists." SO sick of filling out my name, birth date, address, etc. each time. Someone has to institute a UMGGN system!

  4. Pffft doctors are nothing but a pain in the arse. Having to tell them the same crap every time and then they say "you are fine" "live with it" i'd take the 30 minutes wait and not charge if i got to kick them in the knee and told them to live with it. Pffft again. Hate em.


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