Monday, July 25, 2011

Stuffing It

The polls have closed, fellow babies, but Oh, the perfidiousness!

Alas, for one brief instance, I allowed myself to throw myself upon the mercy of my readers, and oh-so-humbly beg for advice, for guidance, for direction! I wondered which of several earth-shaking, pulse-pounding, senses-shattering topics should be the very first comic-related subject dealt with in my new, weekly non-meme... which two of my faithful followers insisted on referring to decided to refer to as "Comical Wednesday," and what happened?

Skip Simpson, my trusted friend and writing partner of thirty-plus years (not counting our brief "feud" in 2009) teamed up with a young(?) man known only by his Blogger alias of Sharp-Eyed Reader, in a vile conspiracy to stuff the virtual ballot box in favor of The Golden Age Green Lantern!

Who would ever have thought that a Massachusetts-raised Progressive Democrat like Skip would be reduced to election tampering? *sigh*

In the comments section of my "Help Wanted" post, however, Skip "came clean" and confessed his sins, no doubt prompted by many sleepless nights of... No. Wait. That would only be one sleepless night, I guess. Oh, well. Whatever.

Of course, I'll forgive Skip. I know I could never find another artist who works so cheaply friend like him. And I suppose I'll even forgive "Sharpie," although I may make him wait a few extra weeks for my Golden Age Starman post, just to teach him a lesson.

So anyway, it turns out that three, maybe four of the votes for The Golden Age Green Lantern were legitimate, and there were four legitimate votes as well for Long Underwear Characters.

Under these complicated circumstances, then, you may understandably be wondering, "Which of these two categories gets the coveted position of the premiere Comical Wednesday post?"

Good question, that!

Uhhh... See you Wednesday! Heh.

Thanks for your time.


  1. No doubt it will be that famous comic-strip character, Cad-man. The kind of bounder who displays a girl's underwear on his blog and then can't remember her name. Cad-man.

  2. HOW DARE YOU! You have dragged my name into the mud. No longer will I be able to walk the streets at night with my head held high. I shall sue. Don't you know that stuffing the ballot box is the American way? Sheesh!

  3. @Skip: "You have dragged my name into the mud." I'm only doing what you yourself used to do to your name when you had more free time.

    @Alan: Ah, yes! "Cad-Man" was Robin Williams' license plate in the film Cadillac Man. The character he played was indeed a bounder, two-timing his wife! (At least, I assume that's whom you meant?)

    @Brian: Well, I'm looking forward to it...

  4. cheaters never prosper...oh wait they won, guess they do..haha

  5. lol....Alan, you crack me up!

  6. On Wednesday I expect Pieface! Let me HAVE it!!!


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