Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coming Attractions (I Hope)

You "fellow babies" who have put up with... errr... that is, read and enjoyed my Foxyblog posts for almost three years, as well as my David'Z RantZ posts for slightly more than three years, are well aware that I formed a love for comic books in my youth that has never dissipated. True, I don't read any of the current titles, but I still look fondly upon those I grew up reading, and many of those that I read up until about ten years or so. Secondly, many of the comics that were published during comics' Golden Age (and any other era before I began reading the "new" stuff during the late 1950s and early 1960s) are part of my nostalgic indulgences!

Well, lately I've gotten ideas for several posts related to comic books and, to a lesser extent, comic strips and animated cartoons. But I'm keeping in mind that although some of you (like Subby and Brian, to name only two) usually enjoy such posts, others (and I'm looking at you, Keair, haha) don't really care, and might even skip these posts.

Of course, there are those dedicated souls who read my stuff no matter what sort of crap subjects I write about... and that's greatly appreciated, believe me.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to limit my upcoming deluge of comic book posts to one per week, on a Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on all sorts of boring variables). This isn't an official kinda thing like Sepia Saturday or Theme Thursday. No fancy title, or anything like that. And today's post? Just a little space-filling notice that might be a nice something-or-other to look forward to, for some of you.

And just so this post isn't totally dull, here are some unpublished pages drawn by comics great Dick Ayers, and written by Yours Truly, almost twenty years ago. (Clicking on them should give you a larger version of each in another tab or window!)

The boy in the above-pictured three pages -- the last three pages of a seven-page origin story -- was a seven-year-old named Charlie Farrell (no relation to the actor), who decided on the day of JFK's assassination to become a superhero called Aero.

If you'd like to read the full story of how these pages actually came to be, they're from a three-parter I posted quite a while ago here on my then-new Foxyblog. It was titled "The Once and Future AERO!" If you want to read that, I'll provide you with the links for Part One, Part Two, and Part Three!

And here's what's left of the early 1960s photo that inspired the illustration of the boy in his costume!

And finally, for something totally unrelated to Aero...

(Ummm... Sorry. I just happen to like the character of Mojo Jojo!)

Thanks for your time.


  1. Of course I enjoy a whole assortment of posts, so guess I'm one that always reads the "crap" right? Plus create enough crap of my own..haha

    But you better watch it, having it only once a week on certain days, might be breaking your "nothing" meme rule..haha

  2. @Pat: Well, I figure that by giving it no title, doing it almost -- but not every -- week, posting it on Tuesday or Wednesday, and not inviting anyone else to play along... I'm covered, :)

  3. Ahh come on Comical Wednesday - it's a great title.
    I would read anything you wrote - just to complain about it.
    Where's my beer!!!

  4. I think I like that 1960's photo the best! :)

  5. I never got into comic books as a kid and now I feel as though I missed out so I'd welcome "Comical Wednesday" I just read a review of a new book out about Superheroes. I think it's called Supergods by a recent writer of comic books. I think he wrote a new version of Superman.


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