Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Mushroom Time Again, Fellow Babies!

©Andy Warhol

As explained before -- in previous posts which I won't bother linking to -- the illustration above is in accordance with an internet tradition begun by Mark Evanier, author of two highly-recommended websites, POVonline and NewsFromME.

But anyway, the point of it all is just to say... My time is very limited lately, but I'm not dead.



Thanks for your time.


  1. There ought to be more commonly accepted and understood Blog symbols like this. I like it. I will work on one which means "I'm not particularly busy but I can't think of anything to blog about"

  2. Once again, I feel I must file a complaint. I pay good money to read your stuff, and you always find some way to duck out on your responsibilities to your audience. And why is my word verification "pestsou???" So sad...

  3. Fantastic! Love it, Love it, Love it. So using it in the future! Uh, if you don't mind.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Fox! Betsy tipped us off.

  5. HaHa I just used 2 cans of it in my Curry Chicken Broccoli Casserole last night....

    See you at the Christmas Tea.

  6. mmm...mmm Good Good
    That's what Campbell's soup is
    mmm...mmm Good

  7. @Kate: It's not "mine," it's Mark Evanier's, so if you use it, please credit him, and not me. Enjoy!

    @Everyone Else: You're all nuts! ;-)

  8. Well mr. Fox please don;t be too busy! Good to know what that can of mushroom soup means btw. I had no idea--must say, your;s is the first blog I've seen it on.

    Shall you be singing up for this year's Xmas Tea ? It would be fun to see you there and I'm sure you;ll recognize a few of the guests. :)

  9. @Mr. Toast: Quite seriously, I'll be set up at a flea market from 7 until 3 (EST), and then working at my part-time retail job from 4-10. I will check your site the instant I arrive home to see if the festivities are still... ummm... festivitating. I really want to attend this year, even if it's only briefly, but didn't sign up because of that. :(

  10. Skip says it's your birthday! So... Happy Birthday! And, even if I'm late (or early) so what? The wish is just as good. :)

  11. @AngelMay: You're right. Even though my birthday was November 16th, your thoughts are just as appreciated at any time! Thanks.

    (Word verification was "WAYST"! I guess they couldn't fit the entire title of Brian Miller's blog, huh?)

  12. I'm a very new baby blogger-that's why i try to be anonymous-and i am just overwhelmed at the creativity, the interesting and professional it all is. A little like you Mr Burnett: i'm not particularly busy but i find it difficult to think of things to blog about too! I don't take my own photos-and i don't want to impinge on the copyright of i'm at a bit of a loss. HOWEVER if i could just concentrate (yes-highly distractible) and read all the info you have provided for the 'baby bloggers', i'm sure all my questions would be answered. I just need my own 'baby blogger' fairy to get me on my way..oh well!


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