Thursday, November 4, 2010

How's YOUR Mood Lately?

So, as it says above in the title, how's your mood lately?

Mine kinda sucks.


Several reasons, actually, but none which I really want to talk about.

(Then, why the hell are you posting about it? Or... not posting about it, exactly? Or... or... or some damned thing?)

Just to f**k with your heads, I suppose. I'm still pretty good at that.

And I can prove it. The following images are pretty much guaranteed to confuse the hell out of you in terms of how they connect to today's post. Cuz you ain't me. 

And I flat-out guarantee that nobody
 is gonna get this one! Just sayin'.

Now, before I vanish for another several days -- post-wise, that is -- here's a little test:

If you are in a sucky mood, see if this song cheers you up with its joyous, unabashed rockishnessiosity. (It helps if you crank the volume enough to annoy pets, neighbors, and Glenn Beck.) It even cheered me up. For three minutes, anyway...

If it didn't cheer you up, not even a little bit, you probably need therapy. Or drugs. Or both.

And speaking of drugs, I was totally "straight" when I wrote this post. And completely sober. Maybe a little sleep-deprived, but otherwise lucid.

(Wow, he's really lost it this time!)

Maybe. Whatever.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Looks like you've felt off your face and sick as a dog - enough to give any body a dose of the screamin' ab-dabs! I'l waive my magic wand, and send a bit of fairy dust your way today!

  2. I swear I have seen that guy somewhere before!See for one who knows fuck all about comics..well.. I still don't know fuck all about it!Cheer up :)

  3. Awwww Fox. I hope you feel better soon. Just think about deafening Glen Beck. That should do it. :)

  4. Lessee.. Lon Chaney as the Phantom unmasked... a leprechaun puking up Lucky Charms... A middle-aged Charlie Brown in analysis talking about a presumably long-dead Snoopy... a John Romita Sr. drawing of the Green Goblin revealing himself to be Norman Osborne... and some super-hero drawn by Neal Adams. Hmmm. The connection is obvious!

  5. The thought of annoying Glenn Beck is really tempting. Good work!

  6. well, my feet are bopping. Stray Cats was a fun band indeed. I can only surmise about that last guy with the coiff!


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