Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great Timing!

Unfortunately, just as my writing partner Skip Simpson deleted his own blog -- I'd link to it, but there's nothing to link to -- my PC got infected with a Trojan that can potentially corrupt my Google account through any and all Google access points... my Gmail addresses, Google Chrome (my "browser of choice"), YouTube, and worst of all, Blogger.

I don't dare access any of that from my so-called "good" computer.

I'm stuck writing on my old, "turtle" PC, which takes forever to do anything.

It'll be at least a week before this problem is (hopefully) fixed. In the meantime, I'll probably access the 'net from the public library, with rare exceptions (and that'll be primarily to keep up with email). So there will probably be very few new postings from me here, or on Simpson/Lynch Studios, until further notice. So it goes.

(Hm. Used the word "access" an awful lot here today, didn't I?)

Thanks for your time.


  1. ack. sorry silver, that sucks...

  2. What AngelMay said. I've been using Apple computers since the early '80s, and I've been cruising the WWW on Macs for over a decade, including downloading freeware and shareware programs, without ever having been infected or invaded. Macintosh - Don't cruise the Web without it!

  3. At least the library has A/C! :)

    (just looking on the bright side for you!)

  4. He didn't go Mac, but I gave him a copy of the free Linux OS Ubuntu and hopefully that will get him back to speed ASAP.


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