Saturday, July 10, 2010

Skipping Out!

Well (as Jack Benny would have said)! After all these months, my close friend and writing partner, Skip Simpson, has decided to close... and eventually, completely delete... his solo blog, Skip's Stuff.

He called me Thursday night to tell me about it, and assured me that he won't be quitting our joint blog, Simpson/Lynch Studios, although he will probably be contributing to that a bit less. We'll see.

But in the meantime, fellow babies:

Skip's having a going-out-of-business yard sale, which you can see by clicking on this link and scoping out his sidebar! Woo-HOO!

I myself managed to pick up a few nifty items, including the painting of Skip's lady love, Sandy, which cost me a bundle and now adorns my sidebar.

The only thing not for sale yet is that picture of "me" which adorns Skip's blog. I wanna buy this before someone thinks it's really what I look like!

And here's good news, for the two or three of you SnL die-hards who still care: I also managed to purchase the rights to a few select Skip's Stuff posts -- about two dozen -- which I integrated into the Simpson/Lynch Studios blog! (So if I temporarily screwed up your Blogroll by having it show "new" SnL posts that supposedly published in 2009, that's why!) There, you'll find essential bits showing how we developed the Skipster and Foxster characters & storylines, and I -- well, the Simpson/Lynch team, technically -- even purchased the rights to the Soused Chef character!

(Of course, those were purchased with money from the Simpson/Lynch Studios joint fund, which means half of it came from Skip himself... but don't tell him that, okay?)

And in case you're wondering where I got the money to make all these crazy buys on such short notice, I paid Skip with the below-pictured bills, taken from my own collection:

Of course, at first, I simply hoped Skip wouldn't realize I'd cheated him  would know I was just trying to be funny, but then he told me that in Alabama, they still use Confederate currency.

Damn. I coulda bought the Old Fenneman Estate for myself, instead of the Foxster!

Thanks for your time.


  1. Yay! Soused Chef will live on!

  2. @AngelMay: Hey, I couldn't forget you!

  3. my what interesting currency you have. smiles.

  4. Hey! When we went to our favorite bank to deposit the receipts, we were informed that the so-called "Confederate Currency" you placed into Sandy's cash box was actually COUNTERFEIT! As the teller informed us while holding up a bogus fifty, at no time was Deputy Barney Fife EVER the President of the Confederate States of America! Now Sandy is crying, and I've gone back to drinking "Steel Reserve." So sad...

  5. And here I thought you would use Monopoly money! :)

    Nice purchase on your sidebar, there. I'm sure Sandy will be flattered!

  6. ( my best Yosemite Sam voice ) "Ya'll payd wi' conterfeit Confederate money? It's agin th' law! Yool swing for this! Dang Yankee!"

    See ya on th' morrow...hopefully ;)


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