Sunday, July 11, 2010

David'Z RantZ ~~ Crikey, Mel! Enough Is Enough!

If there's any justice in this world -- and there probably isn't -- Mel Gibson should have fewer remaining fans than this blog has readers.

Here's the latest news...

And if that's not enough for you, there's always this.

Ordinarily, I try to keep my feelings about a celebrity's personal life or politics separate from my appreciation for his or her "art."

However, having said that, I'm never going to put another dollar in this bigoted, abusive, misogynistic man's pocket if I can help it.

Sorry, I forgot the jokes today.

Thanks for your time.


  1. I haven't watched a Mel Gibson film for years now. You don't need to hear those tapes to know what a bigot he is; it seeps out in the projects he's directed and produced, as well. He's not a nice guy at all.

    And when the William Morris Agency drops you as a client, your career is over. Buh-BYE, Mel!

  2. I feel this way about so many entertainers whom I disrespect or just plain dislike.

    Mel Gibson was a talented personality albeit not a great actor. He has diminshed what talent he has with an incredible sense of entitlement; saying whatever abhorrent blather enters his tiny little brain. I haven't seen his movies in years.

  3. I couldn't agree more, Fox. I also try to separate "personalities" from their private lives. There is no way on earth I would have stopped listening to Pavarotti even though he left his wife for some younger woman - as distasteful as that is to me. Eh. He's a guy, I sez to myself. Thinks with Doesn't affect his voice. But beyond that, "The Voice" was a decent guy who seemed to welcome with open arms people from all walks of life.

    Gibson is just a dirt-bag. He isn't even handsome anymore - and he was never all THAT cute to begin with.

    And what do you mean "fewer fans than this blog has readers???" Ya got more readers than I have, bub. But then, you're cuter than I am, too.

    Mel Gibson anagrams:

    Bong Slime
    Big Lemons
    Slob Me Gin
    Limbs Gone

    ...and others...

  4. I used to like Mel Gibson. Now I really could care less if his career is on the rocks. He basically committed career suicide, and I have no patience for stupid people. I feel the same way about Lindsay Lohan and Prince.

  5. Skip - Did you know that Prince has converted to Jehovah's Witness and nowadays he's doing the door-to-door evangelism thing and putting out albums of JW songs? Fact! What a weird world we live in!

  6. Post Script: You'll be pleased to know Mel's agency, Wm Morris, dropped him over the wknd.


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