Thursday, June 3, 2010

"A Sucky Habit" ~~ A Flash 55 Post

"The only thing that cannot successfully be put off until a later time is procrastination." -- David M. Lynch (and he -- okay, I -- oughtta know!)

In that spirit, I've written another Flash 55, from long-winded me! Who'da thunk it?!? And it deals with a procrastinator named "Steven."

* * * * *

Lighting his cigarette, Steven thought, "What idiot first thought of inhaling the smoke of burning tobacco leaves?"

He debated "Googling" the answer, but... Steven tended to procrastinate.

He wondered if that unfortunate tendency would leave him enough time to Google the subject, especially considering his recent talk with his doctor...

After Steven's last chest x-ray.

* * * * *

In the interests of full disclosure, I should probably mention that I leisurely puffed on a Pall Mall while I wrote the above. Ain't denial grand, fellow babies?

Thanks for your time. *eee-hack!*


  1. Hey, we're all in denial about something or other, right?
    Thought-provoking and well done. :)
    And exactly 55! :)

    Thanks for another Friday 55. :)
    Mine's posted right here.

  2. I've smoked and quit for many years, I'm in my quitting cycle now.
    I can breath again
    Excellent 55 My Friend...
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  3. @Janna: You have no idea how hard it is for wordy ME to trim these things to 55 words! Thanks for stopping by!

    @G-Man: I, too, quit -- for up to two years at a time! -- and start up again. Lather, rinse, repeat...

  4. Put down the cig and back away, David! :)

  5. @Betsy: Heh. I kinda expected comments like yours, after my little post-story "confession."

    (Maybe I'm just waiting for someone to offer something better to put my lips on... )

  6. I start and stop constantly too.
    Great 55 - something to think about.

  7. I'm too young to smoke, and hope I never start.

  8. @Stan: I'll be checking your blog as soon as time permits! Thanks for the visit!

    @Changnoi: I was stupid; I started when I was 26! Hope you'll always be "too young!" Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Not with that breath! ha. And I already knew of your nasty habit! ;)

  10. @Betsy: Oh, I usually have sugar-free candies on hand, in case anyone wants to get close.

  11. quite the nasty habit...yet a beast to all too honest 55 fox...

    mine is up!

  12. hahaha, everyone seems to be thinking of cigarettes this morning.

  13. Brutal. And just as I was about to go out onto the balcony and enjoy a half-decent cigar.

  14. Very true. wonder who started that bad habit. LOL
    mine is here
    Have you a blessed weekend!

  15. Interesting start there... I've often wondered that very thing. Smelling it I can understand - somebody tossed tobacco leaves into a fire one day - but sucking smoke into your lungs? Doesn't sound logical - and the health risks discovered later bore out that notion.

  16. Smoking = My Favorite Punctuation Mark!

    Just wrote about it yesterday.

    Writing wouldn't be nearly as fun without it.

  17. Don't know if it is so much the tabacco as the chemicals in the butts themselves. Nasty habit. I don't participate. My 55 is HERE .

  18. But a lung exray is so unreal compared to the cigarette in hand.

  19. Wow! is it that close that he doesn't even have time for googling?

    But I guess no Idiot ever thought about that!

    It must have been discovered by some accident ; like a tobacco tree catching fire & the inhabitants discovering the effects of inhalation!

  20. just stopping by via galen's blog, curious to see what you might have cooked up for a 55 :) and it was nicely done...made me worry for you but it was still good. take care, and i mean that!

  21. As an RN for 45 years, I've never smoked...gads, in the OR, for awhile, I saw the crappiest lungs removed!! But there's no need to lecture. We choose our vices and give them up when we feel ready to do so. We can only wish that those we love would find a way.

    Great 55.

  22. wow, thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment...hope i can get my big head out of the front door now ;)

  23. Hey, All!

    Thanks for your comments. I believe I've visited everyone who left comments on this post. I just have additional replies for two of you, as follows:

    @Mona: Well, maybe not too soon, but if he puts things off like I do, it may be too late by the time he finally gets around to it.

    @Sheri: Well, you deserved it! And since you didn't actually leave a link to the post in question, I'll take the liberty of doing so, here!

  24. I didn't need to smoke inhaled enough second hand for a life-time

    breathe deep

  25. @moondustwriter: When I was a young teen in the early 1970s, my mother still smoked. I mentioned to her that since I was inhaling the air that she filled with smoke, it was like I, too, was smoking, as far as the harmful effects of the cigarette went. She thought that was nonsense. By the time serious publicity about second-hand smoke had surfaced, years later, two things had occurred: 1. My Mom had quit smoking, and 2. I had taken up the habit. She often mentioned how prophetic my earlier statements were... and how foolish I was for becoming a smoker myself.


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