Monday, June 1, 2009

Who, Me? Awww, Shucks!

First I was "It," and now I rock... kinda/sorta.

A gent named Brian Miller, who writes a blog called WaystationOne -- a highly-entertaining blog which I linked to shortly after I discovered it -- has given me the "Ewe" Rock! award. (You'll find said award near the top of the other goodies on the left-hand side of this page!)

Well, thank yuh kindly, suh.

(I first found WaystationOne via my participation in "Theme Thursday," by the way. And as a recommendation for Brian's blog, I should mention here that his posts quite often begin by taking you in one direction, then morph into something entirely different by their ends... what I describe as progressing from Point 1, to Point 2, to Point... C. It's only after reflecting on his final point that you realize that you were "tricked," as it were, and ask yourself, "Hey, how'd he do that?")

To understand -- "understand" meaning, "avoid screwing up" -- the "rules" concerning this award, I visited yet another blog which I've been linked to for a while (having found this one, too, via "Theme Thursday"), a blog called Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes. How'd Poetikat get involved here? Simple. She gave the award to Brian, and he gave it to me and two others. (Hm. "She gave it to him, he gave it to me..." Sounds almost like a social disease...!)

Quoth the Kat: "Rules are standardized: Put the award somewhere conspicuous on your blog. Link to the person who gave it to you. Create a post and pass the award on at least 3 people (linking to each). Visit their blogs and advise them of their award."

Quoting from myself, after being recently "tagged," "it's kinda like a chain letter, but I don't get any money. (Hm. So why am I doing this?)"

One result of my being tagged recently was that I had to tag a handful of other bloggers. I avoided "Theme Thursday" folks, saying "If I pick any of them... I'll probably be picking people who've already tagged one another." I picked a few Blogger-bloggers whom I'd been in touch with during the past year, and for various reasons, the responses were generally underwhelming. One posted accordingly, some didn't have time -- which is more than understandable -- and three didn't respond at all. That's the one drawback to this sort of thing. They often demand that you pass them along to multiple recipients.

For those two reasons -- wanting to avoid "re-awarding" Theme Thursday folk, and the lack of response to my previous attempt at something like this -- I'm going to cop out for the immediate future and nominate no one at this time. (I do plan to rectify that, hopefully soon.) But if you really wonder whom I'd recommend... Well, I have a lonnnng links list on the left, fellow babies! (Check it out, as your own blog may be listed there!)

Me, circa 1979, at a reunion of my first band.
I guess I do rock. Or did, anyway!

Thanks for your time.

P.S. -- "For Baby (For Bobbie)" concludes tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, at one minute after midnight. Be there or be square! And comments are highly encouraged.


  1. Congratulations. It's an amusing award and well earned.
    Did you see the entry on
    about blog awards.

  2. Valerie: Yes, I did! And I agree about the almost-mandatory "passing it on," but then again, it's my first award, and I'm a sucker for having my ego fed...

    Willow: Well, I have my moments... (And so do you, btw.)

    Also, speaking of myself and "rocking," I added a photo to this post...

  3. Congrats on the award! You deserve it lol And most definitely ROCK

    Have a great week

  4. great job. well deserved. enjoy a good story and you provide them.

  5. Congrats SF. Ewe do deserve it.

  6. Just took a look at your link list. My, how it's grown! And congrats to "ewe", SF.


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