Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Was LAST Month? (fourth entry)

And now, for better or for worse, here's the sequel to " ...I Put Away Childish Things," the continuing story of the young man nicknamed "Moses," he of the all-too-vivid imagination.

And be warned. Outside of
The Godfather, Part II and Rocky II, sequels are rarely as good as the originals!

* * * * *

Another Look at Moses (05/29/1979)

There's a young man in a graveyard,
Known as Moses when a teen.
You'll find twelve lots to a section.
Moses stands at Lot Thirteen.
Long ago, when last we saw him,
Moses shot his phantom mate,
Thinking surely it would free him
From his pre-determined fate.
He threw off the dreams of childhood,
Then found out too late his curse.
"One can't flee one's own creations."
Roxanne's slaying made things worse.

Take another look at Moses,
Putting flowers on a grave,
Wishing memories would fade off
And his sinner's soul be saved.

There is nothing where he's standing
Save what's in his tortured eyes,
Telling him the girl he murdered
'Neath the ground before him lies.
When he leans to place no flowers
On no weather-beaten stone,
The child Moses grieves for her,
And the adult's glad he's alone.
It's been years since his solution
Proved more trouble than 'twas worth.
Now he curses his decision,
Curses more his very birth.

Take another look at Moses,
Looking sadly at the grave,
Wishing memories would fade off,
Sort of crawl into a cave.

Now his soul-searching has ended.
There's but one road left for him.
Things must always come full circle
To appease the Planners' whims.
He should never have denied her,
Never made her leave that way.
Not-so-sadly now, he joins her.
He shall not grieve one more day.
On the next day, when they find him,
He'll be cold and dead, for sure,
And they'll never see the weapon
Moses used to find his cure.

Take a final look at Moses,
Lying lifeless 'cross the grave.
All his memories have faded
With the life he gladly gave.

* * * * *

As I said... a vivid imagination. A real killer, ya know? A real mind-blower! And I'll bet he used the very same gun to blow his brains out as he did to off his little sweetie! Hee hee hee heeeeee!

Oops, sorry, turning into the Crypt-Keeper, there! Guess that all this morbid poetry I've been revisiting (plus the whole Bea Arthur thing...) has warped me a bit.

Current plans are to end my belated tribute to National Poetry Month tomorrow, the day before the next "Theme Thursday." I'll try to find something more cheerful -- and more recent -- to end this week or so of poems & songs with, but knowing myself as I do... I doubt it.

Oh, and by the way... How'd you like that ominous quote, "One can't flee one's own creations?" I put it in quotes like that to give it an air of gravity, but
... I wrote that line.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Applause, applause. You deserve your acclaim. While the applause continues I'm going for another read... and then another one...

  2. Think the self quote deserves a medal all on its own...

  3. Hey there! You've been tagged on my blog. It is like a blog game. If you don't feel like doing it, it's OK. I just felt like nominating you cause I love the way you write and express yourself :)

    Take care
    peace and love

  4. I believe Frankenstein's Monster said something along the same lines.

  5. Everybody: Thanks for the comments. Feedback always helps me to avoid feeling like that "lone voice crying in the wilderness."

    Marianna: Just visited your blog for info about "tagging." Sure, I'll play! My actual post about it won't be until Friday at the earliest, as tomorrow's post and Thursday's are already "taken." And my biggest problem will be keeping to only six entries about my favorite subject... ME!(That's a joke. Almost.) Thanks for the compliment.

  6. nice play again silver fox...love songs that tell a story, and leaves you with some unanswered questions in the end. it allows your imagination to take you from there.see you tomorrow.

  7. Have been gone all weekend. Trying to get caught up. I am going to read your May poetry posts like I read magazines, from back to front.

    We do always have choices don't we? His solution to killer's remorse works for this lifetime but what about the next?

  8. Aw, poor Moses...But, great work, SF! And, I'm so happy that you've included a link to "My Island" here! Can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve for the week.

  9. Ronda: Reading the entries backwards? Not sure if that'll work out. Today's was a sequel to an earlier one. Good luck! ;-)

    Sparkle: Tomorrow is the "final" poem or song, Thursday's is a Theme Thursday entry, and then for four weeks or so, I'll probably alternate Theme Thursday entries with a four-part (I hope) story I'm working on. Then, probably, the Super Pets article, and a surprise or two along the way. So much for May. And I do have a (probably) two-parter for June called "Father's Day." Those are my tentative plans. Nothing's set in cement, of course.

  10. Not to worry. I did fine. I always read backward. And two or three books at once.

  11. Again, although rather morbid, this was very well written, David. Reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe and the Tell-Tale Heart.

  12. Ronda: Do you read the books backward, too? ;-)

    Blunoz: Another comparison to Poe? Cool. Thanks. Yeah, I guess I was a morbid li'l cuss in my younger days. Still am today, I suppose, but much less so.

  13. I really like your poetry. I actually like this one more than the first...I don't know why. Probably because of the imagery in it.

  14. Yes...I like this better than the first...seems we've got a Rocky thing going on here. Honestly...it's freaking awesome! It's a little bit sick and a little bit twisted...but IMHO (oh no!) you've got to be at least that to get by! Right?


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