Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Devil's Workshop? (A David'Z RantZ Post from 9/5/08)

To all of you Anglophiles out there (and I know there are a lot of you):

I'm going to be brief for a change.

Look quickly at the following picture. Who do you think it is?

Nope. Sorry. You're wrong.

That is, you're wrong if, like myself, you thought at first glance that it was a photo of the young Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame), suited up for one sketch or another.

It's Bill Snyder.


Bill Snyder.

(And according to this sheet music, the recorded version of "The Night Is Young" was released on London Records, too. Hm. Amazing coincidence, innit? Or... not.)

Anyway, don't fret. Even if you guessed incorrectly, you're still a cool person, because you made the same mistake that I did. So you're probably about as cool as I am, and what could be better than that? *ahem*

That's all. I'm done...

Except to say that you can find the neatest stuff in the second-hand stores on Cape Cod.

Thanks for your time.

P.S. ~~ Okay, I'm not done. Here's a relatively recent shot of Eric Idle, although to my eye, he looks slightly -- and unsettlingly -- like Barry Manilow! WTF?


  1. oh i can def see barry manilow in his face....ha.
    hmmm...i had no clue on the first one...

    1. Maybe I should have shown a photo of the young Eric Idle, too.

  2. Never would have guessed either or at my shore

  3. I don't think he looks like Barry, who has had enough plastic surgery that his face looks stretched too thin to wrinkle and when he pulls up his socks, he can't help raising his eyebrows.


    1. He has? Too bad... (I haven't seen him lately.)

  4. Poor Eric Idle. He doesn't deserved to be compared to Barry Manilow.

    1. But... but... What about Bill Snyder?

  5. Secondhand shops can definitely be treasure troves.

  6. i cant wait to go to cape cod nxt summer vacay! will definitely visit antique shops!

    and eric idle is fabulous!

    thanks for supporting my broken branch falls blog tour!

  7. Second shops are the best place to find things you cannot find in stores.

  8. NOTHING could be better than that, except maybe being Batman. Neal Adams's Batman, of course. Not THIS one! Or, worse even, THIS one!

  9. Excellent links, including Batman 232, one of the coolest O'Neill/Adams collaborations.

    "Always be Batman."


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