Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Maple Tree

Is it possible
To take pride
In the accomplishments
Of someone
In whose creation
And molding
You took
Absolutely no part?

I wonder...

So many similarities
Do I see.
I know that
In a different life,
A different world,
I could have pushed
This child
In a swing
Attached to the branch
Of a maple tree
And watched her grow
Like myself,
And so much
Like the tree
As well.
So strong!
Always pushing,
Always daring
That swing
To take her
Ever higher.

Of course,
The real world intrudes.
It always does.
And she does perform
So admirably in it.
But still,
She strives
To play her own songs,
And succeeds!
And she inspires others
To find
Their own music
As well.

But lately,
I sense a weariness,
And it disturbs me.
I sense a fatigue
That cannot be allowed.

Perhaps if I'd been there
During her childhood,
In reality,
I'd have the right
To lend a hand now
And help,
If I could.
For this voice
Should never be stilled,
Even momentarily!
Not from without,
God forbid,
From within.

Never from within.

*  *  *  *  *

Don't over-analyze this one too much, fellow babies. That can cause more trouble than it's worth. I oughtta know; I'm famous for doing that!

Thanks for your time.


  1. Back at your shack, with a verse as well, isn't that swell. Each step is a brick we add in the path too. Who knows who we could and have helped or discouraged in our view.

    1. Help or discourage. It's always easy to do both, innit? We don't always understand the power of our words. (That was my Profound Statement for the day, folks! Haha!)

  2. smiles...good to see you...and i like the opening question...i think we do take part in molding others with each little touch...i feel for her weariness you sense and hope she finds encouragement...

    1. I'll always want to see how high that swing can go.

  3. Just beautiful!
    And I think like Brian we do take part in molding others and they make the same with us.
    You can see my twins I see sometimes have a lot of me and they are adopted how you know.
    And in all the relations I think happens the same.
    Anyway we learn always of each other or maybe they would be!

    1. Yeah, we can affect even those who are on equal footing with us.

  4. This is lovely, Silver. One of your best! I hope she reads it and knows it's for her!

  5. Thanks. Always love comments from my doll.

  6. Oh crap, Silver...just when I thought I was done crying! Shame on you! I want to know how high that swing goes too.


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