Friday, August 24, 2012

I've Never Known...

Hey, fellow babies! Here's something really different for Yours Truly! It's a straightforward love poem -- although some have said it reads more like a song -- that I wrote a while back. Yeah. Me. A love poem. Call the Believe It or Not! people.

Thanks for your time.

*  *  *  *  *

I've Never Known...

I have loved several times in my lifetime,
But I never have found lasting bliss.
But this time, I do think, is the right time,
For I've never known love quite like this.

I just cannot escape what I'm feeling,
And I think about you all day long,
But the thoughts are all very appealing,
And I've never known love quite so strong.

In the night, with my thoughts of you, dearest,
Hey, who knows, I might grin in my sleep!
You're the person I want to have nearest,
For I've never known love quite so deep!

It is almost a kind of addiction.
I will stay with you. Oh, yes, I'm sure!
Or I wouldn't dare make that prediction.
Girl, I've never known love quite so pure.

I'll admit I've been goo goo and sappy,
But I swear that the way that I feel
Makes me babble because I'm so happy!
And I've never known love quite so real.

All your traits are incomparable, baby.
Yes, you're talented, clever, and kind.
You just dazzle me, and there's no "maybe!"
Dear, I've never known love quite so fine.

I had never expected to find you,
This love hit me from out of the blue,
May your love for me forever bind you.
I've just never known love quite so true.

Oh, my heart and my soul are on fire.
There's no holding it back; out it pours
As the fever burns higher and higher.
I have never known love quite like yours.


  1. How's that for action? synchronicity? I just bet you grin when you're sleeping ;) I want to hear this...seriously!

  2. So beautiful. Really really.


  3. Nice poem Silver; how times ago you made it?
    is really nice.

  4. Wow lovey dovey you surely did, nicely done.

  5. What a lovely poem! Someone captured your heart? I hope she knows how lucky she is! :)

  6. Thanks for the comments, people. As for how long ago I wrote it, I'm afraid I'll have to keep y'all guessing. Ha!

  7. Hi David, are you newly in love? more info please.

    I like the new blog look. Is that the Endeavor in the background?

  8. Newly in love? No, not me! That poem (or song?) was written a while ago!

    About the Endeavor... no idea. I just picked a blog template that was more colorful than my last one.


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