Thursday, March 22, 2012

Idol Eyes

I have been looking through this warehouse I call an apartment for weeks, trying to find the following poem. "Idol Eyes" is certainly not the best thing I ever wrote, but I only did it as kind of a novelty piece anyway. It may make some tenuous kind of sense to you when you read it here, fellow babies, but if you read it aloud, I guarantee it won't make any sense at all to whomever hears it!

Which was the point.

Thanks for your time.

You idolize,
You idealize,
But whatcha gonna do when your idol lies?
Your idol lies
To your idle eyes,
So you'll never see the truth in his idol eyes.
You lionize
His lyin' eyes.
(But you'll never see the truth in his idol eyes.)
You idolize
But your idol lies,
And when his day is done? Well, he idle lies.
He idle lies,
Closin' idol eyes,
And when your day is done you idealize.


  1. I like this! Placing our heroes on a pedastel only makes it hurt us more when they fall.

  2. Rhyming up a storm like it was the norm, even with a repeat I won't say you were a cheat..haha

    Makes sense though, as Idol's tend never to be what people make them out to be. A lot of it is just an act they put on and the rest is you making them out to be what you want or maybe sometimes need.

  3. hehe loving the dance in your words...and when your idol lies, your idol dies, at least in your eyes...

  4. Hmmmmm... A little homonym juggling there. Very clever. Unfortunately it also reminded me of the Eagles and now I have an earworm I can't get rid of!

  5. Let's see I've never really had any idols, I do not like, years ago I learned to love people as they are, when you talk about idols I notice you're talking about something else.
    As Brian I like the sound, and the relationship of lies with death in anyway as a death of inside one, oh I do not know if I explained well you know I find it sometimes say things in English!

  6. very good message, silver

    the rhyme and crazy homonyms reminded me of Pat! ha. Almost got crosseyed reading it! lol.

    Good thing you said you wrote it long ago or I would think you were hanging out at rhymetime24 too much. lol.

  7. Oh that is very clever my friend, very clever indeed.

  8. Wow. You mean, all I had to do to get taken seriously by people is throw together a "pome?" Cool.

    1. pome? haha. When I was little I called them Po-eeems.

    2. You're so cute. My uncle used to (purposely) misspell the word as "pome."

  9. Too smart for your own good says me! Sly, fox-like...and in keeping with the coolest daddy-o I know. I actually thought it quite the fun read out loud...especially when I took in the dazed expression on the listener's face. Good on you, Silver...hope I'm not gushing too much ;)

  10. Gosh. So many names come to mind...John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, Rebekka whatever, NEWSCORP, Ann Coulter, O'Reilly, Beck. They are obviously not all my idols. In fact, only Clinton ever captured my imagination, my respect and, for a time, my disillusion not so much with his deed but his unwillingness to "own" it.

  11. Wow. I'm so much deeper than I realize. *ahem*


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