Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shamelessly Sucking Up to the Lady Bloggers

I've noticed during the last two or three years that a lot of the lady Blogger-bloggers like to share recipes with their readers. Ordinarily -- but not always -- my own reaction to those posts is somewhere in the realm of "Oh. Nice... I suppose."

However, in a true spirit of camaraderie, as well as to find out just how influential my blog really is, I am giving you the following "simplified" recipe for Peoples Temple Flavor Aid!


Mix two hundred .15 oz. packets of grape-flavored Flavor Aid (not Kool-Aid) with one hundred gallons of water. Prepare according to instructions on package. Add liberal & large doses of Valium (diazepam), chloral hydrate, potassium cyanide, potassium chloride, and Phenergan (promethazine). Mix thoroughly.

Serves approximately 909.

Thanks for your time... if you're still out there...


  1. haha. this is the most incredible recipe i ever read (on this blog) the next time i have 909 people over, i will be back. smiles.

  2. So THAT'S what was in the kool-aid!

  3. @Roy: Party pooper.

    @Brian: If you ever want to hold a bash that big, just invite all the followers of your blog, buddy!

    @Megan: You didn't know? So, I "revealed" something to you? Crap. I could have used this as a Theme Thursday entry!

  4. Eeew!

    Sorry about the other comment...after further investigation I discovered Jim didn't even drink it himself! ha.

    haha...but my word verification really was "drinc"

    I knew there was a reason grape was my least favorite. :)

    So, you really think this gives my chicken pie recipe some competition? LOL!

  5. I skimmed the post to see what kind of recipe you'd post, missing the title of the recipe. Of course, I was
    wondering, "Why 909 people?" So I went back to read your ingredients, caught the cyanide and remembered the Reverend. Hahahahahahaha!

  6. @AngelMay: "Hic?" Oh, no. You didn't...!!!

    @Betsy: Well, I don't know if it "beats" it, but at least all my readers have been able to find my recipe!

    @California Girl: I certainly hope you didn't make it and serve it before reading the whole post!

  7. Ah yes, I think we need to post a lesson on using the inbedded links! :)

  8. Now this is a little bit too much camaraderie for me. Fox-Aid. Maybe you could concoct some kinda silver color?

  9. @Willow: "Fox-Aid." Heh. I like it!

    Hey, since you have so many faithful followers on your blogs -- Just once I'd like to be the first to leave a comment! -- maybe you could steal the idea I gave to Brian, above?

  10. I really enjoyed that article about Nixon on TV. Thanks for the link. Presenting Tricky Dick on TV was very complex. I like that he was "Paared" pun intended, by his handlers!


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